Social Media: The most annoying things online

Published in the September 28, 2016 issue of The Bells Walk into a college classroom and ask how many people use a form of social media. Chances are, nearly everyone in the class will raise their hand. Social media has completely boomed in the last ten years. In 2005, 10 percent of all internet users used a form of social media. In 2015, the percentage was at 76. Most of them were college and high school age. There are certain things that should and should not be posted on social media. Now, we are not just talking about the classic things that everyone should already know, such as an underage student posting a picture of them drinking at a party. Rather, we are going to discuss what is socially appropriate and what is just plain annoying when it comes to social media posts. The good: There are many good things to post on social media, things that people other than your grandma will enjoy seeing. Something respectable to post would be positive quotes or sayings that will have an impact on your followers’ lives. Another acceptable thing to post are recipes that sound like something people would enjoy making. Also, one of the most impactful posts are from local or national news stories regarding issues or events that could be affecting the lives of your friends and family. The bad: One of the worst habits would be over-posting about politics. Most people don’t care about your personal political views. Another irritating habit is posting too many pictures of you and your significant other. A few of these pictures are okay, but your friends don’t need to see every selfie you take with him or her. Lastly, one more habit that, over time, will get on the nerves of those you have connected with is when you post your opinions over every single little matter. The ugly: These are the worst habits of posters. These are the habits that will make you lose followers, the things no one wants to see. One of the absolute worst things to post about is drama. As a young adult, you should have more sense and maturity to take care of an issue privately. Cursing is also a nasty habit in general. If someone sees a post filled with language, they will most likely skim over it. Lastly, girls, you don’t have to post photos with excess cleavage. Boys, you don’t have to post shirtless pictures. These pictures may be offensive to some people. And honestly, it is unnecessary to overly expose your body to the world. To make the most out of your...

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