Education Job Fair brings future teachers and school districts together at Bawcom

By Allyson Hinkle, Assistant Editor

Career Services Center hosted the Education Job Fair for graduating education majors on Thursday, Oct. 7. The purpose of the event was for students and school districts to make connections in order to begin hiring processes by the time the students graduate from the university. The event hosted 32 different school districts from around the state of Texas, with one of the districts coming from New Mexico. The doors opened at 2 p.m. and students walked around introducing themselves in hopes of making connections.  

Before the event started, all of the districts lined up in McLane Great Hall. Not only were the districts eager to meet the students in order to take names back for hiring, but they were simply excited to be back in person since the pandemic.

Seniors Sandra Rangel, middle, and Keilah Singleton, right, talk with the Killeen ISD representative during the Education Job Fair in Bawcom Student Union on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021.
Photo by Allyson Hinkle.

“We’re just very excited for the future of teaching … and to be back in person again,” Bryan ISD Staffing Coordinator Angela Behrens said.   

“The majority of employers have been very receptive to return to campus,” Director of Career Services Don Owens said when asked if it was difficult to get districts to return in person. 

The outcome of students who attended the event was what led Director Don Owens to say that the Education Job Fair was a success.  

With around forty-six students in attendance, the hall was bustling with friendly exchanges as students went to the onslaught of districts for the different opportunities offered. Students came to the event mainly for the reason senior Daniel Leon gave: “to get my foot in the door and potentially find a job before I graduate.” 

However, they were surprised that the event exceeded their expectations.  “Everyone was so open and friendly, and the energy was so lively inside,” senior Brittnay Minter said. “I loved it.”  

Many of the students left the event feeling positive about the connections they made with the school districts and their chance to potentially have a job by the time graduation is near. 

The students were not the only ones who left the event feeling like it had gone well. “We met so many nice people and we’re just so excited about this new crop of teachers,” Assistant Principal of Killeen ISD Carmin Hankins said.  

The districts also felt as if the students were very professional and well prepared for what is ahead. 

“UMHB does such a great job with the College of Education that we knew what we were going to get when we came here,” Assistant Superintendent of Cameron ISD Mistie Dakroub said, “so we were excited that it was absolutely the case.”

All five of the hosted Job Fair events will also take place in the spring, so be sure to be on the lookout for those as well.

Author: The Bells Staff

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