Cru Films and the Upcoming Year

By Shelby Davison

Bells Staff Writer

CRU Films members practice sound recording techniques at a meeting Thursday, Sept. 23 at Davidson Hall.
Photo by Shelby Davison

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Cru Films Organization has exciting plans for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Members of this organization share a deep passion for film production and its impact on the community. 

“I think Cru Films gives group members a chance to go and make friends and make films that are not student projects,” film professor and supervisor Andru Anderson said.  “It actually gives students a lot of experience that they otherwise would not get.”

 Anderson says he is excited about the higher number of people in the group this year. “We have more people that show up now than we have in the past couple of years,” Anderson said. 

A sign advertises the CRU Films meeting Thursday, Sept. 23 at Davidson Hall.
Photo by Shelby Davison

“My favorite part about Cru Films is being surrounded by those who are as passionate about film as I am,” CRU Films President Lauren Swafford said. “Cru Films is truly such a safe space,” she said. 

Swafford says she is excited to be back on set this year after the pandemic and to help lead the other members when creating short films. 

“Being elected President this year gives me the opportunity to show my love and encourage others to not be timid about wanting to participate in film, but to embrace it and encourage them to pursue their talents,” she said. 

Some plans for the group this year include creating short films, as well as video promoting activities at UMHB, and teaching club members how to not only be well rounded in the film industry, but how to get their foot in the door.

A mannequin with a Russian hat wears film-recording quality headphones at a CRU Films meeting Thursday, Sept. 23 at Davidson Hall. Members enjoyed the surrounding pizza at the meeting.
Photo by Shelby Davison

“I think Cru Films impacts others on campus because it is a fun way to learn about movie making and to see a production featuring people you know,” treasurer Gretchen Oliver said. “It helps to generate interest in learning about and working in film.” 

Gretchen, who is the writer for the next film, titled “Overnight,” says she is excited about seeing the film get produced and shown by the end of this fall semester. 

“I love being on set and it’s such a great and practical way to learn, and a lot of fun with your friends,” she said. 

Cru Films welcomes all to join them even if you have no experience. The group has lots of fun at meetings and enjoys their time spent together making films. Members say there is always something on set to do and learn about. It is a great way to make new friends and build relationships with other people who love to produce films. Information and dates can be found on the University’s website, and followers can also  keep up with the group’s social media accounts on Instagram and the UMHB Students Facebook. 

The members meet every other Thursday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. and bring their talent along with great attitudes. Auditions for the cast of this fall semester’s upcoming film were held in Davidson on Oct. 4, but anyone is still welcome to help join in the film’s production. To join the organization, go to an upcoming meeting on one of the Thursdays. It is free and open to all students on campus.

Author: Shelby Davison

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