Student Government Association: New president addresses mental health

By Lauren Turner

All freshman positions in the Student Government Association, or SGA, are still open.

SGA is an organization that focuses on serving the students of Mary Hardin-Baylor by acting as the voice of the student body.

It meets once a week to address issues brought up by people across the UMHB community and decides how to move forward with the proposals.

“I think the best way to say what we do as student government is we make changes on this campus. That’s our whole goal, our whole purpose,” Student Body President Emma Wayt said.

“We’re not like some clique club, most of us don’t really have similar backgrounds, we don’t have similar majors or anything, we’re just students that love this university and want to see a change be made.”

SGA is similar to a highschool student council, except they actually run their meetings like a senate hearing. Each senator can choose to support and research certain issues.

“We’re primarily a service organization in that we foster change on campus, Wyat said. ”We serve our community, and we also charter organizations.”

Wayt was elected last year after she ran on a platform that focused on mental health. The organization will simultaneously address other issues important to students.

Wayt’s mental health platform is already starting “Donut Stress,” an event that will take place on every third Thursday of the month.

“We will be handing out donuts in the morning before classes because I know for me, one of the hardest things when I’m really stressed out is to remember to eat,” Wayt stated.

“We’re [also] looking into creating two or three other events that we want to partner with organizations like CAB.”

For those who might feel daunted by joining, Wayt had some encouraging words.

“If this is something that they think they would feel overwhelmed with, I would want them to know, you have three or four layers of support: me, Olan, the executive cabinet, you have your class, you have the whole senate and you have Dr. Skaggs,” she stated.

Additionally, Wayt noted that SGA is not too big of a time commitment.

“You can put in as many hours as you want,” Wayt said. SGA has vacancies for all freshman class positions, the senior class chaplain, military representative, junior class senator, and a non-traditional student representative.

Sophomore chaplain and freshman class president positions are still open, but there are applicants being interviewed for the roles.

If you are interested in joining, SGA meetings are open to the public and Wayt is always willing to talk.

“Updates on our social media platforms is definitely something to look for, and then also if they have any direct questions or issues, they can always come to our meeting, or they can always shoot me an email ( and I can get them in touch with the right person to talk to,” Wayt stated.

“There’s no disconnect between senate and the student body,” Wyat said. “I don’t want there to be a disconnect because we are the student body, we’re just representing you.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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