The Cru take second game: this time against ETBU

By Jaykwon Thompson

Editor in Chief

Before the game, the Crusaders paid homage to the victims of 9/11 with five Apache helicopters from Fort Hood flying over the home field. They also flew over a large United States Flag, covering a sizable portion of the field, which was carried in by students in the First Year Collective.

The 6:00 p.m. game against ETBU started fast with the Crusaders scoring on their first drive with a field goal; then, on their defensive drive, the Crusaders made the ETBU offense punt the ball downfield. Jefferson Fritz returned the ball for a touchdown—making the score in the first quarter with 10 minutes left, 10-0.

Defensive Back Jefferson Fritz runs away with the ball for the first touchdown in the game with ETBU at Crusader Stadium on Saturday, Sept. 11. Photos by Rebecca McEntee

ETBU would stand no chance offensively as their quarterback Troy Yowman would constantly face defensive pressure and overthrow his receivers; Caleb Johnson would stuff the run early while Jefferson Fritz would break up passes downfield. During their offensive drive on the field, Kyle king would throw a pass to Brandon Jordan would jump over the defender’s back and catch the pass. This would lead to a QB keep by Kyle King for a touchdown, making the current score in the game 17-0, with ETBU scrambling to find a way to respond as they received the ball on kickoff. The defense would continue to shut out ETBU’s offense as Khevon Shepard would push past the line of scrimmage and sack the quarterback for a loss of seven yards.

At the start of the second quarter, ETBU would try to mount an offensive only to be stumped by the Crusader’s defense, being forced to punt it. However, a penalty on the field allowed the ETBU offense another chance on the field with a 1st down. ETBU would find their footing as Troy Yowman would throw a pass to Tariq Gray for a considerable gain, bringing their offense to Cru’s 28 -yard line. However, their spark would end when Jefferson Fritz recovered a fumble from ETBU’s ball carrier, placing the Crusader offense on their own 13-yard line. However, nothing would come of this drive; ETBU would begin their offensive and drive up the field with a big break run from Cornelius Merchant. However, the Crusader’s defense would again stuff the offense as no more momentum would be gained. Even after Troy Yowman would attempt a pass to his receiver, which was open in the end-zone; however, the thrown ball was out of reach, resulting in an incompletion. The Crusaders on their possession would throw a smooth pass to Gary Ruckman, who came right off the block and was wide open in the end-zone. With the second quarter winding down, the score would become 24-0.

Wide Receiver Brandon Jordan makes a catch even with interference in the first quarter. 

At the start of the third quarter, UMHB continues to drive downfield as Kyle King would throw to Aaron Sims for a considerable gain and would position themselves nicely on ETBU’s 10 yard-line. Kyle King would lead the Crusaders through adversity. After seeing pocket collapse around him, he would roll out and throw a desperate pass to Alphonso Thomas in the End-zone for a touchdown, extending their lead to 31-0.

UMHB would drive upfield but King would take a nasty hit which would require him to be substituted; Tommy Bowden would be put in the game; however, he would fumble, which would allow Chase Thompson to recover the ball and run all the way back for an 85-yard touchdown, giving ETBU its the first score of the game; for a score of 31-7, late in the third quarter. ETBU would try to press their luck again late in the fourth quarter, but Jayden Smith would pick off a pass intended for the goal line, setting the Crusaders up on their own 7-yard line. However, as the Crusaders would attempt to draw out the clock, there would be a fumble on the play, leading to ETBU recovering with less than two minutes in the fourth quarter. Final score: 34-14.

Author: The Bells Staff

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