President Randy O’Rear wishes students success

By Jaykwon Thompson

Editor in Chief

Welcome Week was an amazing success. There were so many great events for incoming students to get to know each other and to begin to settle in on campus with.

President Randy O’Rear welcomed the students personally onto campus, and he reflected on the success with these words: 

“Welcome Week and Commencement are my favorite times of the year. Welcome Week signals the beginning of a new year and the welcoming of the new students into the school while Commencement celebrates the achievements of our older students and congratulates them on their time and commitment to learning at our university.”

President O’Rear continued on this point, emphasizing that this year had a different feeling than last year.

“Welcome Week was a complete success as it signaled a new wave of energy on campus which was completely different from last year, for obvious reasons,” he said.

The obvious reason is that last year the university allowed students a chance to choose how they would receive their education through CRUflex. The choice guaranteed the safety of its students but it came at the cost of the usual energy that UMHB is known to provide.

“This year’s Welcome Week was a refresher from last year as the event provided much needed energy to the university and I’m sure the students are happy to be there as well,” President O’Rear said.

Randy O’Rear also mentioned that sports was another major high-point for him, especially football, so he is happy that everything is back on track.

“I am so excited for everything to return to full-swing which includes all the sports, especially football! “O’Rear said. “I’m looking forward to attending all the games.”

President O’Rear wants students to have fun embracing CRU culture while they learn and grow as people. He has a message for all of the students attending the university this year.

“Welcome back to campus and I hope that your year is full of successes.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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