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By by Marissa Zermeno

A fitness trend is racking up academic credits for UMHB students, however, not everyone knows about it yet.  By the beginning of this year, a whopping 73% of students on campus were aware that the Orange Theory fitness classes are offered on campus, but only 57% knew that it is offered as a course for credit.

Orange Theory is a high intensity interval workout that is presented by Kim Thornton, MS,  and several certified personal trainers at the Orange Theory studio in Temple. This course is offered in the Fall and the Spring semesters for either an A or B term and is considered an upper-level elective.

“Orange Theory Fitness allows students to work at their own pace while challenging their level of fitness,” Thornton said.

For some students, it may be a struggle to add working out to an already busy full course load and homework. However, adding a credited class could help students balance a busy schedule.

 “I have trouble motivating myself to workout, so by having a class that would make me consistently workout sounded great,” student Regan Woodley said when she was a freshman last semester.

A link on their website explains how this type of workout operates. It explains that there are five heart rate zones: resting, easy, challenging, uncomfortable and all out. These zones help determine the pace you need to push yourself. The goal is to keep yourself in the “Orange Zone” for 12 minutes to keep your metabolism going even after the workout is completed. When in the class you are given a heart rate monitor that will match your beats per minute to the different heart rate zones. This helps you keep track of where you are physically during the workout.

With the cases of COVID-19 increasing, Orange Theory Fitness is taking steps to ensure a safe environment to exercise. CNN’s Matt Egan reported that Orange Theory is overcoming the obstacles with social distancing, mask requirements, regular cleaning, and a reduced class sizes.

Orange Theory aims to give students a good workout while also teaching them about their overall health. Personal Trainer Jenavi Piña works to explain in classes how Orange Theory affects heart functions under certain intensities.

“Everyone is able to come out of the studio with more knowledge along with a great workout,” Piña said. She said that classes are small, the workout is quick, and the staff along with Professor Thornton is extremely motivating.

Author: The Bells Staff

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