Psalm 139 shines light on idea of “being seen”

By Carrington Kelly

Contributing Writer

       The feeling of being completely known and seen is rare, but 143 women entered the Great Hall on Feb. 6, and had an opportunity to experience just that. This year, the Psalm 139 event at UMHB pushed to help women on campus know their worth and preach that feeling that you are “being seen” can only come from the Lord.

       UMHB is over 60% women, and was in need of an event solely focused on women and their desire to be rooted in Christ. The three-year-old event has made a great impact on this year’s co-assistant director, Jamie Boykin.

       “It has impacted me personally so much in my view of myself and others,” Boykin said. “I struggle a lot to feel seen, as I am typically more introverted, but the women there make sure everyone understands that they don’t have to bring anything to the table for the Lord to see them and love them. I have seen many girls come in feeling alone and leave feeling free and seen. That’s why I love this event & its gospel message so much.”

       Women on campus have been effected by those who have come before them and want to follow in their lead. This event has been driven by the idea of growing women in their relationship with Christ. Once underclassmen see that growth in upperclassmen, they hope for that same growth.

       Committee member Sarah Murphy said her first experience at Psalm 139 had a great impact on her.

       “It was through this event that for the first time in my life I began to understand my identity in Christ and who He says I am,” Murphy said.  “Because of the way in which my life was impacted by this event, I decided to interview to be a member of the committee, on which I have been serving on for the past two years.”

       The Bells wrote in 2019 about women’s experiences at the first ever Psalm 139 event. In that article, Marissa Halvorsen, a sophomore psychology major said that “as women, we think we have to fit the mold of doing everything for everyone and pleasing everybody.” However, Halvorsen said that “women already have their identity.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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