Stunt Night “Drive-in”

By Sterling Dube

Assistant Editor

UMHB’s Stunt Night was held as a “drive-in” big screen experience at Crusader Stadium Friday night, Oct. 13. Left to right performing on the stage above: senior education major Andrew Berg, senior public relations major Kim Rincones, and senior psychology major Walker Fain performing their dance routine for the senior class’ take on a UMHB-themed “Footloose.”

Photos by Rebecca McEntee

The class of 2022 won the best overall production during this year’s stunt night competition, Friday, Nov. 13. It came to no surprise to anyone who watched their previous performance in the fall of 2019, during the “glitch-in-time” themed night. “Movies from the Eighties” was the official 2020 Stunt Night theme,  so there was no telling what route any of the classes would take. As it turned out, the freshmen went with “Ghostbusters,” the sophomores did “Breakfast Club,” the juniors did a UMHB take on “Farris Bueller’s Day Off,” and lastly, the seniors did “Footloose.”

UMHB’s Stunt Night’s “Drive-in” big screen experience at Crusader Stadium Friday night, Oct. 13. Students could see their fellow-students perform their Stunt Night skits on the Jumbotron as they sat on chairs or on the grass on the field, or in the bleachers.

            Neither the change in venue, nor COVID-19 restrictions changed the atmosphere of Stunt Night. Despite the event being held on the football field with chairs placed six feet apart, there was still that sense of wonder for what the students were able to put together under these trying times. For a couple of hours on a chilly November night the audience could forget about the pandemic and focus on the amazing and jaw-dropping performances of not just the victorious junior class, but also the seniors, who just enjoyed the last Stunt Night of their college careers. The sophomore class also seemed to learn from last year and made improvements to every aspect of this year’s performance. The freshmen came in and showed their stuff and left many curious to see how they can improve on such an amazing showing next year.

Seniors l-r: Kim Rincones, Andrew Berg, and Walker Fain perform a scene from the 80s classic movie, “Footloose,” during Stunt Night’s “Drive-in” at Crusader Stadium this year.

Author: The Bells Staff

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