A Message by Student Body President Garrett Smith

Fellow Crusaders…  As you all know, we are facing extremely challenging times in our efforts to combat our Nation’s outbreak of the Covid-19 virus.  This is an all-out war against an invisible enemy that knows no boundaries.  Therefore, it is up to each of us as student members of the “Crusader Family” to do our part to win this war. We must do what is necessary to protect one another, as well as our dedicated “Crusader Family” administration, faculty and staff.  I challenge each of you to do the following:

1) Wear a mask;

2) Practice social distancing;

3) Practice recommended hand hygiene;

4) Avoid large gatherings; and

5) Seek Covid-19 testing if symptomatic. 

Our ability to remain an on campus “Crusader Family” depends on it.  TOGETHER WE CAN AND MUST DO THIS… “GO CRU”

Author: Cole Garner

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