Welcome Back UMHB – Fall 2020

After what feels to be a five-month spring break, UMHB students are finally back on campus. Quite a lot happened after the COVID-19 virus caused students to not be able to return to campus. With America seemingly becoming more divided with the November election coming up, plus the protests across America, which were sparked by the murder of George Floyd and forced deeper conversations about America’s issues with race, the return of UMHB’s students feels like a bit of much-needed normalcy.

Sophomore psychology major Emma Wayt said that she is excited to be back on campus because last semester was hard for her.  

“Last semester at home, I felt super disconnected from everyone and I truly missed the community UMHB fosters,” Wayt said. “Being back on campus made me feel what I missed.”

Junior financing major Taelyn Shelton said that the last few months have given her a new perspective on life.

“Being gone kind of forced me to realize how much about being here I take for granted, but now I feel like it’s easier to appreciate the little things ‘cause we’re all so much more aware,” Shelton said.

UMHB Students seem to be excited to be back, even if they have to be working in the classroom or on Zoom through UMHB’s new CRUflex, the newest way to take classes at UMHB. CRUflex offers three ways to take classes. First, students may attend class in person while wearing masks and socially distancing from others. If a student wishes to, they are also able to attend class on Zoom (an online meeting place) at the same time as the in-person students. CRUflex also offers the option for students to attend classes asynchronously by providing recordings of all lectures.

Speaking of CRUflex, junior marketing and international business major Jared Poe said that he was initially hesitant to try some of the new ways of doing things.

“At first I wasn’t a fan because I would like everything to be back to normal besides wearing masks in class,” Poe said.” However, I feel more acquitted as time moves on and am working out what works best for me. Plus, professors are much more flexible to work with me, which allows room in my schedule and how I manage my time.”

Student organizations such as the Student Government Association, the Baptist Student Ministry, and several other special interest groups are also back at school, some in person and some online. Similarly, The Bells student news has finally joined back up in the newsroom, and the new staff is excited to get back to reporting news on campus.

Author: Cole Garner

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