Three tips for incoming freshmen

By C.J. Halloran

College is a scary and exciting time in every high school graduate’s life. Independence, the new friends, and the new classes can all make or break a college student’s experience.

Coming from high school, college can present itself as an unexplored land of opportunities. In order to get the best out of these opportunities, finding a guide or at least some advice is an absolute must. These are three tips that might be helpful:

1. Beware of Procrastination

Unlike in high school, nobody is here to push you or make sure all your work is done. It can become very easy to completely forget about homework and spend all your time with your friends or at different activities. Your professors will not let you know when things are due, they just assume you know based on the syllabus and website, so it is imperative that you organize your time properly and stay on task.

“Coming into college, I wish I would have known that procrastination would be my biggest enemy.”

Junior Marissa Zermeno’s words seem simple and may sound like a repetition of what your parents have said in the past, but they ring true.

2. Partake in Campus Events

One of the hardest things to do when you first arrive at college is to make friends. Getting paired with a roommate you have never met before, in a hall of people you know nothing about, can be intimidating when you first arrive.

The best way to make friends during that first day on campus is to sign up for Welcome Week. UMHB’s Welcome Week was created with the intention of drawing new students close to each other and having them begin making a community of people that they could see themselves hanging out with for the rest of their college careers. But new events arise after Welcome Week and throughout the semester and year, so consider attending new functions, activities, and student association or club meetings, even if they are only online during the pandemic.

3. Budget Your Food Money

Regardless of how good the cafeteria food is, as a college student you will always be tempted to go off campus for food. Maybe the cafeteria is not open, maybe it is, and you just do not want what they serve that day. That temptation to go out and get some food with friends will always be there.

Going every so often is not a bad idea, but every student needs to mind their food budget, because the threat of going broke by eating off campus is real.  If you decide against going to the cafeteria, a smart alternative would be to invest in groceries. Each dorm comes with, at minimum, a microwave, and you will be allowed to bring in certain other items to help cook food.

Author: The Bells Staff

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