Women’s Basketball finished home season with historic performance

Yellowjackets’ guard Catlyn Ward passes the ball to a teammate, while guard Kiara Mcelroy attempts to intercept the pass.
Photo By Ian Hall/The Bells

Mayborn was host to one of the most memorable games in the history of the UMHB Women’s Basketball program on Saturday, Feb. 8. Not only did the Crusaders completely crush the visiting Howard Payne Yellowjackets 112-70, but two major milestones were reached.

Coach Mark Morefield achieved his 100th win while with the Crusader program and senior Guard Hannah Holt, a marketing major from Lumberton broke the school record for most career points (in the NCAA era). These two major milestones were just the icing on the cake for this college team, whose passion and hard work are on display in their win-loss record for this year.

Following the impressive performance of the national anthem by the Black Shirt Cru the game was finally underway. The Cru won the opening tip-off and started their offensive onslaught without any delay. Within the first opening minutes of the game, the score was quickly 5-0 as the Yellowjackets failed to score any points within their first few drives. Then the Cru managed to make one of their free throws, making the score 7-1. After that, both sides tried their best to score, however it was obvious to everyone watching that the Crusaders’ defense was tightknit and would not buckle under any pressure. The same could not be said for the Yellowjackets, however, as the halftime score was Cru 59, Yellowjackets 39.

If the Yellowjackets had hoped that they could regroup and come back in the second half, that was simply not the case. The lead had grown larger and larger until it was obvious to everyone, including the Howard Payne roster, that this game was a lost cause. Regardless, the Yellowjackets played on and in an admirable attempt to make the gap between the two scores as small as possible, playing their best basketball of entire game from then on. Had the Yellowjackets been able to play the entire game as hard as they did in the final quarter, then perhaps they would have had a shot at a victory.

By the conclusion of the 112-70 blowout, the announcer told everyone to bring their attention to the center of the court. There stood Coach Morefield getting doused by a single water bottle in celebration for his milestone of 100 wins with the Crusader program. Following this was the celebration of the four seniors.

This game marked the final home game of their college careers and the school made sure that they went out in style. All four received framed jerseys with their numbers and a bouquet of flowers as well. The senior guards Hannah Holt, Kendall Rollins, Alicia Blackwell, and Ke’Aunna Johnson all received a standing ovation for their years of hard work and dedication to both the school and their teammates.


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