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On college campuses across the nation, intramural and recreational league sports have become a huge part of campus life as they incorporate community, teamwork, and wellness into students’ lives.

Even on small campuses such as the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, intramurals can play a big role in student life.
UMHB currently offers six intramural and recreational sports including basketball, soccer, sand and indoor volleyball, football, and the university is open to suggestions from the student body.

“Intramural sports at UMHB give me the chance to participate in sports without the big commitment of playing on a varsity team,” junior business major Coby Kidd said.

“I love that I can just come together with my friends on a Sunday night and goof around,” she said.

Many students just like Kidd have the same feelings towards intramural sports. These programs are the perfect option for students who enjoy exercising and being active but are not involved in varsity sports. Exercise is not the only positive attribution that intramural sports bring to college campuses, they can also be a way to avoid the party scene.

According to a 2018 study by Torstveit, Johansen, Haugland, and Stea in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, young adults who participated in organized sports had a lower likelihood of engaging in unhealthy lifestyle choices such as unhealthy dietary habits, low physical activity levels, high screen time, and sleep duration.

This study is one example of the positive qualities that intramural sports promote. By students replacing partying with intramural sports on the weekend, college drinking levels can decrease while overall student wellness is improved.

A 2007 study in the Journal of American College Health by Ward and Gryczynski found that students who feel pressured by the partying culture, which is cultivated by American pop culture, can use intramural and recreational sports as a positive activity outside of school. Participating in intramural sports can also form a sense of community and friendship with people that would not normally meet. Students create friendships and memories with people outside of their majors, classifications, and social circles.

“In high school, I was on the volleyball team and made the majority of my friends that way,” Rachel Lucas, sophomore communications major at Colorado Christian University said. “So when I got to college, I didn’t know if I would find ‘my people’ again.

“Joining an intramural volleyball team helped me to form relationships outside of my major and track team. I love my intramural pals,” Lucas said.
Intramurals are an easy way to be involved on campus in a casual way. They create a sense of community and fun on campus while promoting healthy lifestyle habits. Unlike other organizations, the only meeting held is when you play. This is a way to fit in a workout, hang out with friends, and be involved on campus, all in one.

If you are interested in joining an intramural, visit Campus Rec to help get you plugged in.


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