Crusader cheer team participates in national cheer tournament in Orlando

Top row: Lauren Berry, Addison Ray, Sydney Enos, Kaitlyn Carter, Taelyn McCurdy
Middle Row: Auja Williams, Payton Taylor, Autumn Flowers, Karli Whitaker, Kirsten Jeitz, Caroline Cademartori, Taylinn Kramer, Olivia Whitfill, Laney Grant, Treasure Hines
Bottom row: Lizzy Russel, Molly Rader, Alexis Everette, Kylan Chaney, Kennedy Wester, Ansley Howard.

The Crusader Cheerleaders returned to UMHB this month with some good memories and lessons learned.
The cheer team went to Disney World in beautiful Orlando, Florida to compete in the National Cheer Competition on January 17. They competed against 24 other teams and eventually ranked seventeenth in the competition.
The cheer teams were judged on spirit, technique, difficulty, and a game-day routine. The UMHB Cheerleaders performed the fight song, a chant, and a timeout routine.
Freshman nursing major Ansley Howard had a good time competing at Nationals and thought highly of her cheer team members.
“Our performance went well for our team,” Howard said. “We all felt like that was the best we had ever done, but the judges thought otherwise.”
Howard went on to say that what the team took away from the competition was that “everything happens for a reason.”
Freshman Lauren Berry remembers a positive experience at Disney.
“When things aren’t perfect you can still have fun,” Berry said. She went on to say that the best part of the trip was “competing at ESPN Wide World of Sports, and that “…we got to compete in front of the castle.”
Berry also said that she was looking forward to “continuing to grow the [cheer] team and learn more about the competition.
Even though the cheer team did not win the National Cheer Competition, they did come back to UMHB with good memories and lessons learned.


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