Students find new opportunities at job and internship fair

McLane Hall was filled with booths occupied by 42 companies and organizations around the Belton area on Tuesday, Oct. 1. Company representatives were looking for students from all different majors.

The UMHB career services department job internship fair was to “help students and alumni find opportunities, talk with recruiters directly, and hopefully find jobs,” Assistant Director of Career Services Emily Kelly said. Kelly said she hoped that “students find work they love.”

For over 20 years, UMHB has been holding job fairs. Recently, they have added internships to broaden the opportunities for students.

Students were seen talking in business attire with a name tag featuring their name and major on it for company recruiters, who were willing to give jobs to anyone they saw as a good fit for their specific company.

Not only was the job and internship fair a good way for students and alumni to get jobs, but it was also a great way to freshen up their interview skills. The interviews were like what you would see in speed dating, where a recruiter would be standing talking to one candidate then would move on to the next recruiter after they were done. Overall, whether the student or alumni got a job or internship they had an experience that they can carry on with them forever.


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