Stunt Night wows audience

Senior nursing major Cassie Allred, right, sings “Make a Man (Champ) Out of you” during the final act of the senior class’ last Stunt Night at Walton Chapel Friday, Oct. 25.  Photos by Garrett Wilson

On Friday, Oct.  25,  UMHB’s Walton Chapel filled with an audience who came to see the annual performance of Stunt Night. This event is a competition among the four classes which builds countless bonds that last a lifetime. The theme was “A Glitch in Time.”

Each of the school’s grade levels performed a skit based on a year that was important for the university. The freshmen class focused on the year 1998, when football players won a huge homecoming football game.

The sophomores conducted their humorous act for the Stunt Night competition on 1968, emphasizing the multiple opinions concerning UMHB becoming a co-ed university in 1971.

Sophomore computer science major Travis Teague, left, and sophomore physical education major Kyle Parsons, right, pour their emotions into their skit.

The junior class performed their act based on the year 1940 to highlight the first ever Easter Pageant. Multiple characters from the early period helped the current students understand the meaning of this tradition on campus.

To finish off the performances, the senior class followed up on their performance last year. They attempted to save the future as a student from a rival school would try to take out UMHB’s history and ruin homecoming forever.

Freshmen got a small taste of what Stunt Night was all about while they rehearsed for the big show in the previous four weeks. Freshman international business major Noah Bentz was one of the essential characters in the first act of the show.

“It was super chill,” Bentz said. “A little rushed, but we pulled it off, thanks to our amazing cast.”

Education major Mikayla Presley dances to “A Night to Remember,” which was during the junior performance in Stunt Night.











The cast worked diligently to perform at its best for the audience.

“We practiced around four hours a week until the last week where we got a solid eight to twelve hours,” Bentz said.

There were many comedic moments during the evening, and it was obvious from their laughter that the audience was entertained.

Sophomore Christian studies major Sammy Castaneda was one of two students who helped his sophomore class with their performance.

“I was able to not only do great theatre,” Castaneda said, “but we were able to build a community of friends and just have a fun time.”

At the end of the show, the homecoming court entered the stage to announce this year’s Homecoming King and Queen. As the audience waited for the final results, there was a persistent silence throughout the entire chapel. While the hosts of the show opened the envelope, the anticipation rose.

Senior biology major Meaux Primeaux and senior interdisciplinary education major Cassidy Menard announced that senior pre-med biology major Kristopher Hurst would be crowned the 2019 Homecoming King during the game’s halftime.

Senior nursing major Emma Spellings, left, and senior pre-med biology major Kristopher Hurst, right, win Homecoming Queen and King as Stunt Night ends in applause.

A sudden applause began to rush Walton Chapel as the audience cheered for the university’s newest Homecoming King. After the applause came to a halt, the hosts declared that senior nursing major Emma Spellings would be the Homecoming Queen for 2019. Applause erupted again as the two royals came to center stage to be photographed by a gathering of photographers.


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