Miss Search Cru wins Miss MHB 2020

Miss MHB 2020 Assistant Directors Bethany Darwin, left, and Kassandra Baker, right, congratulate Miss Search Cru, Molly Rodeffer, center, after she earns the 2020 Miss MHB crown in Walton Chapel on Nov. 9.

Seventeen stunning young women made their way into Walton Chapel Saturday, Nov. 9 to throw their hat in the ring for the opportunity to be crowned Miss Mary Hardin-Baylor for the 2020 season.

The show began in a presentation of the contestants where they named introduced themselves, stated their hometown, and said something witty regarding where they were from.

Then the talent portion of the pageant featured the contestants and their musical stylings and speeches, with one contestant even shooting arrows as she showed off her archery marksmanship. There was never a dull moment during the night as contestants sought to show UMHB what they were capable of.

They were judged on confidence, creativity, preparation, originality and their overall presentation.

Molly Rodeffer, Miss Search Cru, shoots arrows missing no targets during the talent portion of the contest.

“What I liked about the talent portion was all the different things and how all the girls weren’t afraid to express themselves or to step outside the box,” said Hailey Baez, freshman psychology major.

“Not only does it show that no one on campus is afraid to be themselves, but also they know everyone wants to see who they truly are. It inspires and encourages people to go out and do what they feel they are good at and have fun doing,” Baez said.

Following the talent portion of the pageant, the 17 contestants joined one another on stage to perform a group dance number set to the popular show tune “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” The contestants skillfully and gracefully danced on stage twirling umbrellas. At one point they bounded offstage, to envelop the crowd in song and dance. Intermission followed.

Miss College View, Ashia Copeland, left, Miss Campus Activities Board, Bethany Tovar, center, and Miss Delight Ministries, Mckenzie Decker, right, dance to the show tune “Don’t Rain on My Parade.”

The evening gown portion of the show featured the contestants walking with grace and poise to show off their silken and jeweled gowns. for the judges. During this time, the audience would learn a little bit more about each contestant as they strode elegantly across stage. These contestants were graded on gracefulness, ease of movement in their gowns, color and dress appropriateness, and overall impression.

From here the top five finalists were narrowed down and thus began their interview from 2019’s Mr. Crusader Knight, Richard Rogers. The answers presented here would determine who was to be crowned Miss MHB, and the runner-ups for the position. They were judged on confidence, diction, personality and sincerity of response.

This was followed by one last evening gown stroll and heartfelt goodbye from Miss MHB 2019, Briana Fredrickson, as she prepared to hand the crown off to Mary Hardin’s next Pageant Queen. In her farewell address she wrote:

“To have held the crown as Miss MHB has truly been one of my most treasured experiences and I cannot thank you enough,” Fredrickson said.

Overall, the pageant was a stark representation of the heart and passion many of the students have here at UMHB. The goal was to instill confidence into the young women in participation, and to those who sat on the sidelines.- and it did just that.

“My favorite part of [the pageant] was honestly after [the winner was announced] when all the girls went up to Miss Search Cru [Molly Rodeffer] to congratulate her for winning,” Baez said. “The girls were genuinely happy for her and it showed that all the participants wanted was for each other to do well and I think that that is a perfect representation of the humble spirit that UMHB upholds for its students and faculty.”


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