ONE worship builds community

Students prayed and sang side by side together at the ONE interdenominational worship gathering in Walton Chapel on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

It was an opportunity for a plethora of different churches from around the Bell County area to come together, which they do twice a semester.

The evening started off with songs of worship led by the Temple Bible Church band.  Then the crowd was welcomed by two college pastors from local churches: Evan Duncan, the teaching and communications pastor at First Baptist Temple Church, and Shannon Soard, the college pastor at Temple Bible Church.

Duncan’s message to the students in attendance of the event was that there is no exchange for faith or community provided by the church. His message was based out of the book of Acts 2:41-47. Duncan said that while we like to substitute some things in life, there is no substitute for our faith.

“There is no substitute for the local church,” Duncan said. He encouraged the students to maintain their faith and to find a church to get involved with and plugged into.

“It is not what you get out of it, but what you can bring to it,” Duncan said.

He encouraged students to break their boundaries in order to find a church home.

“Church community crosses boundaries,” Duncan said.

ONE concluded with everyone reading the Nicene Creed, led by Shannon Soard.

The atmosphere was reverent, engaged and worshipful.

“It was a good experience to let go of my anxiety and give it to the Lord,” said Rynda Maddox, a freshman nursing major.

“It was amazing to see so many college students worshipping together,” Liles said.

“I thought it was an event that every freshman needed to hear…it was all about UMHB community…and was encouraging [students] to break boundaries,” senior physical therapy major Ellie Phelps said.

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