Students prepare for summer missions

Summer break is just a few weeks away, and UMHB students are gearing up for various trips and adventures during their timeoff. Many people choose to spend their time serving others and spreading the love of God with people on summer mission trips. Here are four students’ plans for participating in mission trips this summer and next summer, and why they decided to serve.

Robin Ontiveros, sophomore clinical psychology major:

“I am going to East Islip, New York! I will be working as a summer recreation staff member with Crossroads Church. Overall, I will spend the whole summer there working with kids through sports ministries. I will have the opportunity to teach them volleyball, soccer and basketball while also having gospel activities. We will also be going out in the community and building relationships with people who may or may not know Christ. I am doing this through GoNow, and it was a completely last minute thing. I had been feeling called to mission for quite some time, but I kept ignoring it. Finally, I met with Mary [Hebison], who is in charge of [the] BSM here on campus, and she told me about GoNow. I prayed about it and felt God telling me to just fill out the application, so I did. He really took hold of everything and placed me in New York. It wasn’t one of my options, but after praying and hearing about it, I knew God was calling me there. I grew up Catholic, and East Islip is [a] majority Catholic community. Even now as I am fundraising and preparing to go this summer, He keeps on leading me and opening doors that seem difficult. I have never done missions before, so God has really been giving me peace, guidance and community through this new journey!”

Sarah Ifft, junior public relations major:

“I am going to Middlesbrough, England in May. This will be thefirst time I’ve ever left the country, so I am very excited about the trip! This will also be the first time I’ve gone on a mission trip, so I am thrilled to see how the Lord will use His team for His glory first hand. The team and I will be going around public schools in the Tees Valley area and sharing our testimonies as well as helping with after-school programs and local churches. We’ll [UMHB] be partnering with Stephen Corner of Big Kids and Mike Taylor of UK-USA ministries.”

Alexys Wharton, junior nursing major:

“I am going to Middlesbrough, England, and we will be going into schools and sharing the Gospel with children and adults. Only about 3 percent of people in England are Christians, so it is a very dark country that is in need of the Gospel. This is actually my second time to go on the mission trip, and I feel led to go because of how dark that country is, and getting to share how awesome our God is is life-changing. I will also get to catch up with people I met last year who accepted Christ and see how their lives have changed since.”

Nathan Duane, junior psychology major

“I am returning to the Middle East for three months. I will be going through a two week immersion training in Germany first and then going to the Middle East to build relationships and share the Gospel while also looking to pave the way for me to move there full time in May 2020.”

Author: Amy Lucas

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