League Cru hosts Play Night

League Cru has had yet another successful year with their annual Play Night. The night before UMHB’s annual Play Day, the organization typically hosts a game night in Bawcom Student Union that features video games, board games and food. League Cru is about leisurely and competitive gaming with one another, and their mission is to promote the rise of esports, a form of organized multiplayer video game competition.

“The League Cru and Cru Engineering have mutual members between each organization, and a lot of our members were coming to participate in the activities tonight, so Ifigured it would be greatto come and have fun with our members or just to help out,” said sophomore Isaac Newton, President of Cru Engineering.

The night kicked off with an icebreaker scavenger hunt between new- comers and frequent participants. In order to win the game, a person had to find others that matched the description on a card. Next came a computer gaming competition.

“I enjoy the competitive gaming in general; it’s fun to just come to a place and compete against people that are interested in the same things as you,” said Martinus Counts, a psychology major.

League Cru’s Play Night featured a friendly atmosphere that welcomed all types of students who have a passion for gaming with friends.

Author: Randi Whalon

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