Easter egg decorating ideas

Easter is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with the age-old tradition of decorating eggs? If you have been stuck in a rut with your dying methods year after year, you might want to change it up this time. Here are some alternative and unique ways to decorate your eggs that will impress your company this Easter holiday.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your eggs is with non-toxic paint. Create outer space-themed eggs by turning each egg into a galaxy filled with planets. Using black, blue, purple and pink, apply the paint with a sponge brush, alternating between colors. When the paint is dry, use a small brush to splatter white paint to create stars.

For a more simple but bold look, cover your eggs with metallic or glitter paint. Another fun idea for children to enjoy
is giving each egg its own personality by painting faces on them. Paint each egg like a fictional character or model it after one of your family members.

To create a more elegant look, use nail polish and water to make the eggs look like marble. Pour one or multiple colors of nail polish into a bowl of water and use a toothpick to make designs in the polish. Then, dip the egg into the polish.

A simpler way to decorate your eggs is by gluing on various objects. Adding flowers, feathers or leaves will bring a little piece of nature to your table.

To go along with the theme of spring and new life, turn your eggs into little farm animals with a few simple steps. To make a lamb, glue on cotton balls and use a black permanent marker to draw on eyes and a nose. White paper or pipe cleaners can become ears and whiskers to turn a plain white egg into an Easter bunny. Cut ears and a nose from pink felt to make a pig. Yellow paper can be used to create a beak and wings for a chick. If you would like to have the eggs stand on their own as a decoration, cut small pieces of pipe cleaner and glue them on for legs.

If you are not a fan of hard boiled eggs, you can still participate in the Easter egg festivities. Make some confetti eggs to smash over your friends’ heads. Crack a small hole on the top of the egg and empty out its contents. After rinsing the eggshell, fill it with confetti and glue a small piece of tissue paper overthe hole.

Egg hunts are also a fun activity to get the whole family involved. Decorate plastic eggs and fill them with candy, toys or coins and hide them around your house or yard. Then, have family members or friends compete to see who can collect the most. Easter egg hunts do not have to just be for kids. Fill a few eggs with a few one-dollar and five-dollar bills, and put a $10 bill in one in order to spice up the competition.

Author: Amy Lucas

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