Cru softball wins three-game series

UMHB’s softball team continued their season with a three-game stretch at home against McMurry University. The Cru was sitting just below .500 with a 10-11 record going into this series of games. To hit .500, the Cru would have to win two out of the three games. The McMurry War Hawks were also sitting below .500 with an 8-12 record. Even if the War Hawks were to win all three games and sweep the Cru, they still would not hit .500, but it would only bring them one win away.

Freshman Kathryn Reed from Axtell took the mound for the first game of the series on Thursday, March 21. Her presence on the mound played a pivotal role in the game. She pitched for five innings and did not allow a single run.

The offense began to score in the second inning with a single by junior Hannah Wolfe, which sent in Kourtney Cummings to score the Cru’s first run. The team continued to score until the fourth inning. The Cru’s scoring was capped off with a three-run home run by sophomore Allie Dalle. The Cru left the first game of the series with an 8-0 victory.

On Friday, March 22 the Cru entered the second game of the series. This would also be the first game of a doubleheader. The previous day’s game left a bad taste in the War Hawks’ mouths, and they entered game two seeking. They tried to prove that their offense was a force to be feared. Their statement was made with an offensive barrage in the first inning.

It started off with a single with two runners on base. The runner on third scored, only allowing one point. Then, a walk with bases loaded advanced a runner to home plate, allowing another score.

Another McMurry single advanced two more runners to home. The Cru finally got out of the first inning, but not before allowing the War Hawks to score four runs. In order to stay alive, the Cru had to score.

It is almost as if the Cru employed the turtle and the hare method in this game. They slowly put up runs one by one, and by the end of the second inning, they tied the game 4-4. The War Hawks looked tired and were not able to score during the second or third innings. UMHB was still in the fight. However, it seemed as if the War Hawks caught their breath, because they scored five more runs before the game was over, defeating the Cru 9-5. This tied the series 1-1, and the final game would determine who took the three-game series.

The final game of the series started off with a standoff in the first inning, as no one was able to score. However, the Cru scored three runs in the second inning, and things took off from there.UMHB’s Taygan Landry scored off of an error by McMurry’s second baseman. Later in the inning, Allie Dalle doubled to left field, which sent two runners in and pushed the score to 3-0. UMHB kept McMurry from scoring for the rest of the game, but they were not done on the offensive side of the ball. In the third inning, freshman Alexis Galvan hit another double for the Cru, sending in another two runs. The Cru was silent for the next few innings until another offensive surge in the bottom of the sixth. Allie Dalle had yet another double, sending in Avery Kelly and giving Dalle her third RBI of the game. The Cru kept a zero in the score column for the War Hawks and left the game with a 6-0 victory. With this win, the Cru took the series and started the next week at the .500 mark

Author: Beau Kemp

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