English club hosts Murder Mystery Dinner

The UMHB English Club hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner to celebrate their recent book club meeting on March 7. The event honored the club’s recent reading of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None.”

The event featured a game which followed a murder mystery plot. Players were given cards with elements of their character’s personalities, including who they liked or did not like. The game began with players collecting evidence to try and solve the mystery.

Senior English major and treasurer of the English Club Emma Andrews said, “Our idea [for] the event stemmed from our biannual book club. We read and discussed Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None.’ We thought a murder mystery dinner would encourage people to come to both events and get involved in the English Club.”

After everyone had a chance to collect information about the other characters, they were each handed a card stating their status as a killer, bystander or victim. Once each player read their card, the victims went to their murder scene and posed with a note stating how they died.

Bethany Darwin, a junior graphic design major who attended the event, played the part of a victim.

“I loved being the victim,” Darwin said. “It was a unique part of the experience and it really let me play into my theatrical side. It was fun to interact with the characters and then hear my friends’ reactions to my role as the victim while I pretended to be dead.”

Once everyone viewed the murder victims, the bystanders and killers gathered in a conference room to place their accusations. Players turned in their accusation papers and tried to prove their innocence once they were accused of being the killer. Finally, the accusations led to UMHB’s Physical Plant Special Events Coordinator Jamie Smith, who played the part of a crossing guard who killed the victim with a candlestick. Overall, the Murder Mystery Dinner helped build community within the English department at UMHB and helped students show off their theatrical talents.

“I feel like letting yourself be a little ridiculous is a great way to build trust in any group and did wonders for our English community,” junior English major and Vice President of the English Club Miracle Gant said. “I definitely thinkI would participate in another murder mystery. Personally,I’m less of a ‘solve-the-mystery’ girl and more of a ‘plan- the-perfect-murder’ girl, but I’d love for us to do more theatrical activities.”

Members of the English Club were pleased with the outcome of the Murder Mystery Dinner.

“I was very happy with the dinner,” Andrews said. “Everyone was engaged and having a great time. I would definitely attend a similar event in the future. My favorite part of the evening was getting to dress up and act like my character. I don’t often get opportunities to act silly, so it was really fun.”

The English Club is excited about hosting more events like the Murder Mystery Dinner in the future.

“The officers are talking about either hosting another murder mystery or having an event that relates to whatever book we read for Book Club every semester!” junior English major and president of the English Club Lindsey Conklin said. “The event went so well! Only two people guessed the murderer and it was so fun! Everyone really loved it and even asked if we’d do it again.”

For more information about the English Club, visit https:// go.umhb.edu/students/orgs/organizations/english-club.

Author: Bri Bullion

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