Student organization BRIDGEs the gap

UMHB held its second meeting for a new organization on campus called Cru Bridge on the third floor of Bawcom Student Union on Thursday, Feb. 14. Cru Bridge is a multicultural club that is meant to celebrate diversity and emphasize internationality.

The club is encouraging people to join, explaining that it is educational while allowing students to experience cultures that they may have never been exposed to before.

“I’ve noticed a lot of people from UMHB tend to be homeschooled or from small towns, and growing up in those environments doesn’t really allow people to taste different cultures,” freshman Bridge Club President Cecilia Nguyen said. “This club will allow for that to be accessible and fun.”

“I love the idea that emerged from the creation of the group itself,” Dat Nguyen, a freshman biology pre-med major, said. “As you know, the United States is a country of immigrants. There are so many different ethnicities and cultures existing here where we live. And Cru Bridge is a place where we can be exposed to and learn about different people with different backgrounds. I’m excited about the knowledge that I can gain, the people that I can meet, and a chance to show new people the wonderful things of my culture as well as the common culture on the U. S.”

The club was brought about when three students, Vydia Lu, Tu Le and Cecilia Nguyen came together, wanting an organization dedicated toward international students. After much consideration, the students took the idea to the Student Government Association in the fall. They went through the required steps for approval, leaving many of the SGA members fascinated with their topic and goals. The organization was soon approved, and Cru Bridge held their first meeting on Jan. 31.

Cru Bridge plans to be involved in many upcoming activities, including a multicultural festival in March. This festival will be held in collaboration with the Association of Black Students and the Hispanic Student Association. Some of the many activities that may be included in the festival are a Tai Chi demonstration, Chinese calligraphy and a Folklorico dance show. In April, Cru Bridge also plans to collaborate with the Psychological Science Club and have a panel of students of color talk about their experience with UMHB.

“We just want to be a bridge for multiple different people or groups, including people who grew up in different cultures,” Cecilia Nguyen said.

The club wants their meetings to include activities that represent the idea of internationality.

“We want to have cultural games that people played as children and introduce those to people,” said the Cru Bridge adviser Dr. Haedy Liu.

The next meeting will be held on Feb. 28 in Conference Room A, located on the second floor of Bawcom Student Union. All students are invited and encouraged to attend.

Author: Kayla Williams

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