SGA hosts debate for student body president

It was a quite a battle between two candidates as UMHB’s Student Government Association held its annual student body president debate on Monday, Feb. 18 in McLane Great Hall. The two students were each asked numerous questions about how they would benefit the university’s community.

The night started with junior public relations major Sarah Fox and junior political science and communication major Megan Baumhardt discussing their qualifications for the position of student body president.

In her speech, Baumhardt discussed how she had been in leadership positions throughout her entire life. She said that she began in 4-H, working her way up to superintendent. She also went on to discuss how she was able to earn her associate degree at a community college and became a part of officer affairs.

At the end of her statement, Baumhardt concluded with, “I want to be your student body president because I have the experience to be able to lead us and bring fresh ideas to the table while still understanding the traditions of where we came from so we both can move forward and honor the past and make sure the students who are new here or feel like they’re not involved all have a voice.”

Fox stated that she wants to become student body president to help others. She also described her previous leadership positions. She was a part of the Revival Steering Committee, Psalms 139, Welcome Week and Stunt Night, where she has served as class director for three years.

She concluded her response by stating, “I want to be student body president for the students who have and for those who haven’t come to me and expressed their concerns. I’ve been able to serve you for the past two years as Sophomore Senator and currently the Director of Resources for SGA and I’ve loved every single bit of it.”

The debate concluded with questions from students tuning in to the debate on social media.

Campaigning for Student Body President began on Feb. 12. Both candidates have participated in putting strenuous amounts of hard work towards the election. Some of these efforts have involved social media campaigning, putting up flyers, and handing out goodies.

Despite running against each other, both candidates have remained respectful and dignified throughout the election process, and retain a positive outlook.

“I am excited for the elections,” Baumhardt said. “No matter win or lose I know that I have made an effort to represent students to the best of my ability but know that both Sarah and I want what is best for the students.”
Fox had a similar sentiment regarding the hard work and rewards of running for president of UMHB.

“It’s been good, lots of hard work trying to put yourself out there,” Fox said, “and it gets a little stressful, but ultimately it’s so cool getting to talk to so many people throughout the week and meeting new friends!”

With voting just around the corner, the hard work isn’t over yet. Both candidates have a huge task to fill in reaching out to the community on campus in an effort to persuade people of their votes.

Current student body president Tyler Baker will graduating and handing over his position to the next candidate.

“It’s bitter sweet,” Baker said.”I have been in SGA for four years and have loved every minute of it. I have met some of my closest friends and made some of the best memories in this organization. I am sad to leave, but I know that it is in good hands. I have served as much as possible and now it’s someone else’s turn and I can’t wait to see who that is!” Baker said.

Students will be able to vote for the next student body president beginning at noon on Feb. 26 and ending at noon on Feb. 28. on MyCampus. Students will receive an email with voting instructions on Feb. 26.

Author: Kayla Williams

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