Remschel Hall hosts annual tacky prom

UMHB students joined the residents of Remschel Hall for their third annual Tacky Prom, on Friday, Feb. 22. Attendees were encouraged to dress in tacky 90s-style attire with crazy patterns and colors. Tutus, brightly colored suits and graphic tees filled up the dance floor. Before walking through the front door, students could see the colored lights through the large windows and the music could be heard throughout the quad.

Inside, the lobby was decorated like a typical high school prom with a little 90s flair. Shiny gold curtains were hung on the walls and in the doorways, and glow sticks and Ring Pops lined the tables. Bright and colorful lights reflected off of the disco ball which hung over the dance floor. Streamers adorned the walls and old rock band posters decorated the snack area.

Sophomore nursing major and Remschel RA Laura Sanchez was relieved that the event was successful.

“We worked so hard to create this community and it was truly special to see it come to life,” Sanchez said.

Students danced the night away to popular dance music, including hits like “Footloose” and “The Cupid Shuffle.”

In addition to dancing, the Remschel RAs planned fun activities including a hulahoop contest, electing a prom king and queen, karaoke and
a guessing game about the amount of Skittles in a jar.

Freshman graphic design major Macy Mitchell was voted prom queen.

“I never felt the need to attend prom in high school,” Mitchell said. “Remschel held Tacky Prom, and I decided to go because honestly, it sounded like it was mocking high school proms. The event was really fun. I ended up being crowned Tacky Prom Queen, so one could say I was prom queen at my very first prom. Overall, it has probably been one of my favorite events that Remschelhas held.”

While dancing was not for everyone, students enjoyed the interactive photo booth and the snack bar, complete with popsicles and a chocolate fountain.

Freshman physical therapy major Lezley Garcia also enjoyed the night. “Tacky prom was awesome… It was an amazing moment and a good break from all the studying,” Garcia said. “ It was a fun time seeing everyone’s sweet moves and having a blast. [I really enjoyed] everything because it reminded me of my high school prom and I hope to attend again next year.”

Author: Amy Lucas

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