Plans and ideas for a fun-filled spring break

As this semester continues, students are counting down the days until spring break. This ten-day period is the perfect mid-semester break from the stress of college. Freshman criminal justice and sociology double major Bria Schwartz already has her travel plans laid out.

“I’m going to visit my family and grandpa in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I haven’t seen them in over a year,” she said.

Junior nursing major Emma Spellings is traveling internationally. “I will be spending spring break in Costa Rica with a team of college students serving the people there, working alongside churches, loving on people and sharing the Gospel. I can’t wait to see what this is going to look like and ultimately see what the Lord is going to have me do,” Spellings said.

Freshman elementary education major Bridgette Holak isn’t planning to travel. “I am mostly going to hang out with friends and family and work on driving more so that I can get my drivers license,” she said.

Freshman nursing major Haley Lum has a quiet break planned. “I’m excited for a week of fun and relaxation with family and friends,” she said. “I plan on going kayaking, shopping and sleeping a lot.”

Senior public relations major Tori Van Hooser plans to go to Galveston with some friends for spring break.“This is my last spring break as a college student, so I’m really excited to spend it with my girlfriends,” Van Hooser said. “We’re going to Surfer Shores and we even rented an Airbnb.”

If you have yet to decide what to do on spring break, here are some ideas for a fun and relaxing break:

Try to read a whole book. While you’re at college, it isn’t easy to find down time between classes, homework and extracurricular activities. This spring break, when you get a moment away from all of the hustle and bustle, try to read a book. Sitting outside in the spring weather with a good book is one of the best ways to relax.
Go camping in a national park. Sometimes, the best way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated is to spend time in nature. Camping is an adventurous and relatively inexpensive way to relax. If sleeping under the stars is not your cup of tea, spending a day in a national park either hiking or reading a good book can be good for the soul.
Have a movie marathon. Almost everyone has a genre or series of movies that they can watch over and over again. Over the nine days of the break, pick a category and binge-watch to your heart’s content. Choose an actor or actress whom you love and watch a collection of their best movies, or pick up that trilogy or series that you have heard so much about but had never had time to watch. With the wide selection of on demand movies available, the possibilities are endless.
Perfect your cooking skills. If there is one delicious recipe you have been trying to master, now is your chance. Spend a day learning creative ways to cook your favorite meal. Fire up the grill and enjoy the beautiful weather while cooking some amazing food. Afterwards, share the scrumptious meal with your friends and family members.
Explore a new town. Sometimes, we need to get away from our daily lives and explore new surroundings. Take a day trip to a nearby town or city that you haven’t spent much time in. Here in Texas, most small towns have a historic district with one-of-a kind stores and restaurants to visit. Read a little about the town before you go and you may discover places off of the beaten path to explore.

Author: Amy Lucas

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