“The Kid Who Would Be King” conquers box office

When I first saw this movie trailer, I thought that it was going to be the dumbest movie ever. The graphics looked terrible, and it did not look interesting. I guess it is true what they say… looks can be deceiving.

“The Kid Who Would Be King” is about a young boy named Alex and how he pulled the sword Excalibur from the stone. Alex and his friends go on an epic quest to stop an evil enchantress named Morgana.

Alex is played by Louis Serkis, and he is the main hero of the movie. I thought that he played a noble character. He is just starting at a new school, and he felt like an outcast with his friend Bedders, played by Dean Chaumoo. He then has to be brave when the sword in the stone picks him. He chooses two other students to help him.

The two other students are schoolyard bullies, Lance and Kaye, played by Tom Taylor and Rhianna Dorris. These

characters see the world as you better be tough or you are going to get stepped on. This is why they bully people like Alex and Bedders. They join Alex on his quest just to benefit themselves. This is a great lesson for all of us. Whenever we only think about ourselves we fail. They soon learn that when they work together with Alex they can succeed.

The mighty sorcerer Merlin also helps Alex and his friends on their journey. I like how this character takes a back seat so Alex and his friends can be the main heroes of this great story. There was a scene where Morgana is taking to Merlin and he is telling her that it is the kid’s time to shine and not theirs anymore. This reminds me that children are the future. Young Merlin is played by Angus Imrie and adult Merlin is played by Sir Patrick Stewart.

I liked the introduction of this movie. It shared the original King Arthur story with great animation. The story was that there were corrupt rulers wanting to take the kingdom from Arthur but, he united his enemies and made them allies just as Alex did in this movie. It shows us that jealousy and corruption have always repeat themselves throughout history.

This movie reminded me of the movies that my mom and dad took my sisters and I to. It was very nostalgic and I am glad that I got to see this movie.

Author: Jimmy Boutte

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