Spring organization fair gets students involved

Rising steam and the promise of ice cream attracted students to the Chemistry Club table at the Spring Organization Fair in Bawcom Student Union on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Shailey Hearn, a junior chemistry and biology double major, attended the fair as a representative of the Chemistry Club.

“The Org Fair really helps us get more members,” Hearn said. “When most people hear ‘Chemistry Club,’ they say: ‘Oh, it’s chemistry, I don’t want to join.’

“But once they see us doing the stuff that we do regularly, like working with nitrogen ice cream or a super quick DNA extraction, they become more interested,”Hearn said.

Lizzie Webster, a junior pre physical therapy and exercise sports science major, attended the event as a representative for Impact Dance.

“We have participated in five or six Org Fairs,” Webster said.

While the fair provides the opportunity for organizations to recruit new members, it also allows for communication between organizations.

“It isn’t just people who stop by to become members,” Webster said. “We get to meet other organizations that we may possibly become involved with for our future projects.”

Other organizations discussed the community service projects they participate in.

Miranda Flores, a junior pre med biology major, attended the fair as a representative of Knitand Cro. Her organization meets to craft blankets and other warm items for donation to those in need.

“We are basically a knitting and crocheting charity,” Flores said.“We knit things for people with terminal illnesses, parents who have just lost their children or other people in need.

“We actually just donated scarves to the Red Scarf Project, which helps kids who are in orphanages and going to college,”Flores said.

“It was to give them a little bit of encouragement to continue on with higher education. They sent us a postcard to thank us for thescarves. It felt awesome to get that card back.”

The members of Knit and Cro work together to create the items they donate. The organization’s display featured a blanket that they are knitting now to be donated to Afghans for Angels.

“Working together to make these things feels awesome, and it’s a lot of fun,” Flores said. “It always feels great to turn out the final product and give it to someone who really needs it.”

Knit and Cro started in August of 2017 and currently has 15 members.

Though the organization is new, it has grown substantially since it began, thanks to events like the Spring Organization Fair.

Other groups also attended the fair to promote their community service projects and events.

Lindsey Conklin, UMHB junior English major, attended the fair as a representative of the English Club.

“We get to talk to students who may not know about the things we do in the English Club,” Conklin said. “We also try to talk to them about how they can get involved in the English Club with their schedules.”

“It’s nice to talk to people outside of the English and humanities departments who want to be involved,” she said.

While the English Club holds several events that are focused on literature, such as the fall and spring book clubs, the Poe Party and the Shakespeare by the Pond event, the organization also focuses on community service projects.

Dr. Jacky Dumas, Associate Dean of the School of Humanities at UMHB, discussed the community service projects that the English Club participates in.

“We do Operation Christmas Child every November,” Dumas said.

“We are also going to be working with The Store, which is a new organization to help students who don’t have the means to obtain a meal plan. We will be collecting various food items to donate to The Store,” he said.

The English Club also volunteers at the Texas Book Festival every fall.

The Spring Organization Fair provided the opportunity for organizations to recruit new members and publicize the different events and projects they participate in.

While the next fair will not be held until August, students can learn about different studentled events at go.umhb.edu/student/orgs.

Author: Bri Bullion

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