Pottery Sale preview

Junior studio art major Anjelica Cavazos molds a piece using the throwing wheel. This is a complicated task that takes a lot of practice.

Senior psychology major Clayton Dockery shows off his piece while adding the finishing touches to it.

Looking to get something unique and creative for the holiday season? Or maybe you just want to support local artists? Then you should check out the Christmas Pottery Sale, which will be located in Baugh Center for the Visual Arts on Wednesday and Thursday, Nov. 28 and 29 from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
The sixth annual Christmas Pottery Sale offers a chance to see and purchase some beautiful pottery made by students and faculty at UMHB. According to the campus website, the items for sale include mugs, bowls, vases and other useful pottery and art pieces.
Professor David Hill has been teaching ceramics at UMHB for the past seven years. He is also the coordinator for the event.
“After a year of teaching, [I] started the Christmas Pottery Sale in the fall of 2013,” Hill said. “It has grown every year since, and I’m very grateful for the support of our campus community each year.”
Senior art education major Jessica Theilacker will participate in this event for the first time. Some of her work includes elegantly designed mugs and teapots, which she made using a tape resist glazing method.
“I’m looking forward to all the people who will come to appreciate these functional pieces and hopefully purchase a few things,” Theilacker said. “A piece that is handcrafted with love and patience and used in someone’s everyday life is what the ultimate goal of making pottery is for me.”
Hill also expressed what he appreciates most about the event, which allows for the community to be able to experience and witness the wonderful art the students and faculty have worked on.
“My favorite aspect of the sale is getting a chance to share a little of what we do in the art department with the rest of UMHB’s students, faculty, staff and the Belton/Temple community at large,” Hill said. “If it weren’t for the sale, the unfortunate reality is that much of what the students make in class would end up in a dusty box in a closet or attic. We’d much rather these handmade artworks to be treasured and used by someone.”
“Students should come to the Christmas Pottery Sale to see what their friends and peers are making in the art department as well as what they would have a chance to learn if they took one of our classes,” Hill said. “It is also a great opportunity to buy unique Christmas gifts for friends and family.”

Author: Sarah Ifft

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