Scooby-Doo it yourself

If the monstrous candy displays and cardboard bins full of pumpkins at H-E-B aren’t an indication of the sugar-filled holiday just around the corner, you might want to start preparing your Halloween costume.
While it may be tempting to head to the closest “Spirit Halloween” store to find a pre-made costume, making your own costume will help you personalize your 2018 Halloween look. Here are some fun DIY costume ideas featuring the grooviest gang from Mystery Incorporated.

Daphne Blake:
To recreate Daphne’s iconic mystery-solving style, you will need a long sleeve purple dress. Pair the dress with some pale pink tights and flat shoes. The look wouldn’t be complete without Daphne’s signature purple headband and green scarf. While there are many ways to wear the chic scarf,
Daphne’s look can be best achieved by folding the scarf in half lengthwise and putting the two lose ends through the loop. Now, you’re ready to trick-or-treat in true Daphne fashion.

Velma Dinkley:
For this look, you will need an orange turtleneck sweater and a red knee-length skirt. Pair the skirt with orange tube socks and flat shoes. Lastly, who could forget Velma’s iconic thick-rimmed black glasses? Grab a magnifying glass and you’re ready to solve a mystery!

Fred Jones:
The Mystery Gang wouldn’t be complete without Freddie. To recreate his look, you will need a white polo shirt and a pair of jeans.
Pair it with a pair of brown loafers and the famous orange scarf. To fully embody Freddie, you will need to tie both ends of the scarf in a loose knot at the base of your neck. Now, you’re ready to go unmask villains with your best friends!

Shaggy Rogers:
While Shaggy is more famous for his impressive eating abilities, he is a very important part of the Mystery Gang. For this look, you will need an oversize green t-shirt and dark khaki pants. Add a pair of tennis shoes and slump your shoulders, and Zoinks! You’re ready to go!.

Who could forget Scooby Doo himself? To recreate this look, you will need some brown felt, white felt, and black felt. Cut two large triangles out of the brown felt.
Next, cut two triangles out of the white felt, making sure that they are slightly smaller than the brown triangles. Next, cut two circles out of the remaining white felt and add two smaller circles of black felt. Glue the triangular pieces to the sides of your hat, making sure they have plenty of room to “flop.”
Finally, glue the circular pieces onto the front of the baseball cap.
Pair the hat with a brown t-shirt and dark khaki pants.

Senior photojournalism major Jasmin Ortiz and junior criminal justice major David Smith dressed up as Velma Dinkley and Shaggy Rogers for Halloween of 2017. Jasmin’s dog, named Roo, went undercover as the adorable Scooby-Doo.
2017 photo courtesy of Jasmin Ortiz

Author: Bri Bullion

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