Olivia Robinson excelling on and off the golf course

UMHB’s Olivia Robinson has been playing golf since she was in fifth grade. Robinson is a junior public relations major with a minor in marketing.
She used to accompany her father on his trips to the golf course, where she grew to appreciate the sport.
She began to play for fun at golf camps and eventually she played competitively at her high school in Houston.
There she won over fifty medals ranging from first to fifth place, and the district championship for three consecutive years.
When it came time for Robinson to choose a college, she settled on The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Although she received scholarship offers from other schools, her heart was set on UMHB. When asked about what helped her make her decision, she commented on the welcoming campus and staff.
“I came to UMHB because of their unapologetic faith. In my first ever meeting with Coach Ralston, I could see her love for the Lord and knew that she would be an amazing coach and leader in my life.
When I visited the school, I saw the same light that I saw in her all over campus and I knew that that was where I wanted to be. I also met Randy O’Rear in my first visit and saw how much he cared about me, just as a prospective student.
Ever since I’ve been here, he’s proven to me over and over how much he really does care.”
Since she has joined the team, Robinson has had many successes. In addition to multiple top-five awards, she finished sixth out of 93 golfers at a nationally ranked tournament in Florida. She commented about how her experience with the Women’s Crusader Golf Team has been.
“The team dynamic is good. I have met my best friend and roommate, Cassidy Rawls on the golf team. I have met some of my future bridesmaids on the golf team.
This year is different because we have five freshmen, which basically creates a completely different team. But we have good chemistry and are always laughing.”
Her favorite experiences with the team have been winning the playoff conference, which she will remember forever.
Also, she enjoyed spending time with her team in Florida at Nationals.
“We got to go to Universal in Orlando and it was just an exciting tournament overall.”
Comparing high school to college in terms of golf, she said, “College golf is different for me personally in the fact that it is more of a team sport. When I was in high school, it was all individual but at UMHB we compete as a team and care about each other.”
Aside from golf, Robinson stays busy with her major in Public Relations and minor in Marketing. She has received several academic awards, including the ASC Distinguished Scholar for Women’s Golf in 2017-2018.
With hopes that she will graduate early in May, she plans to take a year off before starting law school in the fall of 2020.
In her free time, she loves drinking coffee, watching movies and participating in other outdoor activities with friends. In her alone time, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and making playlists.
With all of these achievements under her belt, Robinson is confident about her goals and future.
“One of my big goals is to win a tournament individually which I look forward to working towards but also to win conference again. Outside of golf, I just look forward to continue making lifelong memories and growing closer to the Lord in this crazy season of life.”
Although Olivia Robinson had a great overall experience with golf, it has not been without its difficulties.
“In December 2017 I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus while skiing. As a golfer, you don’t expect injuries, especially injuries as serious as knee surgery. I was devastated but I worked incredibly hard to get through physical therapy and get back on the course. Emily Patrick, one of our school trainers was amazing and got me back in April, when I was expected to be playing again in July.
The Lord is amazing and healed me quickly and I got to play (and win) conference.”
Even though golf can be a strenuous and time consuming sport that can be difficult at times, Robinson feels it is definitely rewarding.
“It takes about 4-6 hours of my day, which can be hard when I am juggling classes and all the organizations I am involved in, but I love it.
It has really taught me so much about life in general and I believe that I am a better person because of it.”
Robinson has good advice to give to any up-and-coming golfers:
“The best advice I could give to somebody wanting to pursue golf would be to not worry so much. It is a mental sport and it is really easy to put pressure on yourself. That is the worst thing. I have found that the best golf I play is when I am not thinking and worried about a score, but just having fun and enjoying the game.”

Author: Amy Lucas

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