Fall Fashion

Fall is all about bundling up in warm layers and embracing the cool, crisp air, and it is a great season to bring out the cozy clothing. However, here in Texas, this season can be very unpredictable in terms of weather, so it is good to be prepared and bring layers of clothing in case of a weather change in the middle of the day.
As the season continues, indulge in warm cups of coffee, grab a good book to read on a park bench and follow these fashion tips to make the most of autumn.

1) Andrew Ortega, Fort Hood resident
The 80s are making a comeback, and what better way to get in the fall spirit than with a classic flannel sweatshirt? Pairing it with a simple T-shirt is a good complement, and if the weather becomes too cold, you can always take the flannel off and either place it around your waist or hoist it over your shoulder. If you don’t have earthy tones, darker colors work just fine. Plus, a beanie is always a good investment for that perfect hipster fall vibe.

2) Maegan James, sophomore nursing major
Wool and denim are good pairs, both of which will keep you nice and warm in the cooler days of fall. Boots, especially warmer, darker colors, are always a nice addition to autumn attire. Similar to flannel, stripes are a lovely pattern to wear during this season.

3) Alexandria Hazard, junior business management major
Hazard wears ripped jeans, tan boots, a floral sweatshirt and a tan T-shirt. When wearing an un
dershirt, make sure to wear a basic colored garment so the top layer can stand out more. To accent the shirt, she has a gold dreamcatcher necklace. In addition, she is wearing a gold watch. Earthy tones such as tan, beige and mossy green are perfect for fall, and the gold accessories make the outfit come together as a whole to give it some shimmer and shine.

4) Elyssa Childress, junior nursing major
Maybe it’s not cold enough for a beanie, but you still want to wear a hat. A sun hat is a great accessory for those hot fall days. Childress sports this rich, red wine hat that goes well with a white, high-necked sweater and a flowing, darker-colored jumpsuit. When choosing an outfit, contrast can be your best friend. Don’t be afraid to wear both dark and light colors. Just remember to keep the fall colors in mind – browns, dark greens, reds and oranges. Think about the changing colors of the leaves in the trees, and change your outfit accordingly.

5) Peter Zuniga, senior film major
Graphic tees and flannel go very well together. Keep your color scheme in mind. Zuniga stuck with the color gray in his outfit. His T-shirt makes the whole outfit come together with a popping red color. He also carries a camera, perfect for taking pictures of the magnificent fall scenery on campus. Uniformity with a hint of contrast play together very well in this outfit.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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