English club hosts the Poe-fect Halloween party

On Monday evening, Oct. 29, students and faculty members gathered at Luther Memorial for the annual Edgar Allan Poe Party. The evening was filled with food, trivia contests, Halloween music and a reading of “The Raven.” Students also had the chance to participate in the “Faux Poe” contest, where they wrote a parody of the first two stanzas of “The Raven.” Prizes were awarded for Most Humorous and Most Twisted submissions.
This year marked the 25th anniversary of the first Poe Party. It is hosted each October by the UMHB English Club, a group that strives to promote literacy and a love of reading in the community. In addition to the Poe Party, the club sponsors a semi-annual book club, Shakespeare by the Pond and various community service events. However, the Poe Party is not just for English majors and members of School of Humanities. Students from every department on campus are welcome to attend the fun-filled evening.
Associate Dean of Humanities and English professor Jacky Dumas has been in charge of organizing the event for the past 8 to 9 years.
“I think it went well,” he said. “We had 38 total [people] in attendance throughout the night.”
Senior Jesse Cade is a double major in English and history, and he serves as president of the English Club. For the party, he dressed up as a humorous depiction of the capstone to the English major class. “I enjoyed the Poe Party because we got a lot more people to come than [in] previous years,” he said. “It was also fun to see people dress up and go all out for their costumes. Someone came as a cactus. It was pretty great.”
One student who attended the party is Miracle Gant, a junior English major and fine arts minor. She performed a dramatic reading of “The Raven” at the event. “I love the Poe Party because it’s a concrete example of how we can make literature real to readers. Edgar Allan Poe doesn’t have to stay in the back section of our American literature books if we don’t want him to—we can bring him out and invite him and his scholarship into our existing conventions if we so choose.”
Students who missed out on the Poe Party this year don’t need to worry—it will be held again next year just in time for the Halloween season.

Left to right: Devyn Ross, Miracle Gant, Jennifer Callaway, Jesse Cade, Danny Kown, Emma Andrews, Lindsey Conklin, Jessica Maughan, Haley Lum, Caitlyn Kilburn and Lauren Lum participated in the costume contest at the Poe Party hosted by the English Club at Luther Memorial on Monday, Oct. 29.
Photo by Emily Mahan

Author: Emily Mahan

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