Cru Crunch: the new coffee house in town

College students are always in need of a delicious cup of coffee to get them through their day. If you’re looking for a new coffee shop to try, look no further than Cup of Joe Coffee Shop.
Located 15 minutes away from campus in Harker Heights at 600 Indian Trail #101; Cup of Joe is totally worth the drive. The coffee shop is new to the area, having just opened on Aug. 18.
It is owned by Joseph Taylor, a 22-year-old entrepreneur. This coffee shop has an amazing ambiance. When you walk in, you find a ton of natural lighting and comfy chairs and couches. The far accent wall features a huge mural of the Austin skyline that really adds to the atmosphere of the space.
The coffee is amazing. The (2.5.4), named for the Bell County area code, is Joe’s most popular specialty drink. I had the honor to try it, and boy, was it amazing. Other specialty drinks include the Colorado Peak, a white chocolate creation that is bound to knock your socks off, and the Dear Joe, a vanilla and caramel mix with the perfect amount of cinnamon on top. The Dear Joe is another favorite of mine. It is so subtle, yet so amazing. The Bellagio is the drink for the chocoholic, while Starfire is the drink for the cinnamon lover.
Not in the mood for a specialty? Try Joe’s Dark Side, a dark rich coffee with a subtle chocolate twist, or the Casa Joe, a rich dark coffee with hints of caramel and chocolate. Your typical Nitro Cold Brew, which comes black or vanilla, is $5 for 24 ounces of pure joy.
Drop by during the fall and try one of their fall-themed drinks, such as their version of pumpkin spice and the Hazel, which is a hazelnut drink with a note of cinnamon. Prices for non-specialty coffees range from $2-$3.50 and specialty coffees range from $3-$5.25. You can make any drink iced or blended.
Joe’s also sells kolaches, cinnamon rolls and Round Rock donuts, which are all phenomenal. The people who work here are the sweetest people. You can tell they really love their coffee and their job.
Not a coffee person? My hot chocolate expert recommends the hot chocolate with all its whipped and chocolatey goodness. The sweet and unsweet teas, which come in green and strawberry varieties, are also highly recommended.
Cup of Joe has a 5-star rating on Google and a 5-star rating from this Cru Crunch editor. Needless to say, this coffee connoisseur is now a regular of Joe’s.

Author: Bells SocialEditor

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