Album Review: “The Things We’ve Been Afraid to Say”

Tenth Avenue North, the Christian rock group who wrote famous songs like “By Your Side” and “Losing” are back with brand new music.
On October 9, 2018 the band released an EP titled “The Things We Are Too Afraid to Say.” This is an emotional album written by lead singer Mike Donehey and the group’s guitarist Jeff Owen. The album consists of six songs.
One of the songs, “Afraid,” was on their previous album, “Followers.” “Afraid” is a powerful song about how our life circumstances bring us down. It proposes that we are so afraid of what will happen in the future or the next day that we let fear rule our lives. Written by Donehey and his guitarist Owen, this is a cry for help.
One of my favorite songs from the album is called “Counterfeits.” This song is all about how people fill their hearts with things that are not worth it.
In the song, the singer says, “I want the truth, I want the real thing. I want the genuine to hold to the light.” He wants more than a fix. This song really spoke to me. I used to always run away from Jesus because I thought he was not good enough, but He is the only thing that we need.
“Love Anyway” is another great song. When someone does not think the same way as we do, sometimes we do not love that person. However, God does not just call us to love people who have the same beliefs and opinions as us. He calls us to love everyone, no matter what. This song does a great job of showing this. In the song, Donehey says, “Show me how to love them how you love me.”
This is a great song, especially for today’s world.
I had the opportunity to see Tenth Avenue North in person this year for a early Christmas present. They were amazing and are easily my favorite Christian band. When I found out that they were releasing a new EP, I was so excited. I read an interview from Donehey about the album, and he said, “It’s a collection of songs that say, we don’t have it figured out and we’re not exactly sure where we are sometimes…”
I think that it is great that he says that he does not know everything and that he is not perfect. These are great songs about living in sin but always having hope.

Author: Jimmy Boutte

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