The Disney College Program: a look behind the mouse ears

Photo courtesy of Payton Pierce

Do you want to have fun? Want to live in Disney World for a whole semester? Want to get college credit? Then the Disney College Program is the internship for you. This program lets you live at Walt Disney World or Disneyland for a whole semester.
You get to work at the park and you also get paid as well. There are a lot of different departments that you can work with. You can work with attractions or transportation, or, you can work as a convention guide, custodian, or photographer, to name a few positions.
A student named Kylie Wittmer, who was a film and television major when she participated in the program, said positive things about it.
“The best things about the program are the friends you make while you’re there and being able to call Disney World your home,” Wittmer said. “People will tell you that the friends you make at Disney World are lifelong friends and you may think that sounds dramatic but they are right, you get to know these people at the happiest place on earth. You will get to know each park like the back of your hand and really never get sick of it. I can’t see advertisements for Disney World anymore without being sad that I’m not there.“
During a Disney College Program information meeting at UMHB on Sept. 26, Assistant Professor (Management) Chris Langford had a similar sentiment, because he loved his time at Disney and he wants students to experience the program.
”Going to the Disney College Program was one of the top five experiences of my life,” Langford said.
“I worked at Splash Mountain and me and my group of friends were called Splash Trash. After the program we used to go on trips to Dis- ney World.”
Film studies major Alyssa Silva was accepted into the Disney College Program for the spring 2019 semester with a custodial position.
“I applied the day applications came out in August,” Silva said. “Within two weeks, I received an email with a link to the second step of the application which was a web based interview.
As soon as I finished the web-based interview, I was informed I made it to the last step, the phone interview. I scheduled my phone interview and the day of I was super nervous, but I feel as though I did well and was confident.
Then, after four long weeks of waiting, I got the magical email saying I got accepted into the DCP! I was at a stunt night rehearsal when I found out and had tears of joy. I then called my mom and told her the exciting news and she was so excited and so was all of my family.”
Payton Pierce is a mass communications and public relations major who participated in the Disney College Program. She thought that it was a lot of fun. She even got a full time job with Disney after the program.
“I spent my program as an entertainment performer then transferred to the Tri-Circle-D Ranch and gained full time employment status training all the horses we use here in the parks,” Pierce said.
This program has between 12,000-13,000 participants a semester. You will also get to meet amazing people from around the world who come into the program.
You must be enrolled in college courses and have already completed your first semester at college in order to be admitted. You apply the semester before you go.
Applications are due at the end of October for going to the program in the spring of next year. Have fun applying.

Author: Jimmy Boutte

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