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“Space Jam” is a sensitive subject for people who grew up watching it. Thankfully, nothing bad has happened in relation to the movie, but there have been mixed feelings about the making of a sequel. The sequel would feature Lebron James as the lead actor who would work with the Looney Tunes. “Space Jam” is a classic, and therefore, people who grew up watching it do not want it to be changed in fear of it being ruined.
In the general storyline of “Space Jam,” the Looney Tunes are visited by aliens from the planet oddly named “Moron Mountain.” Moron Mountain is a planet that is a failing amusement park and they are looking for new attractions to boost their attendence. They have the idea to kidnap the Looney Tunes and force them to be the new attraction.
Luckily, the Looney Tunes tricked the aliens into letting them have a chance to defend themselves. As they were sizing up their opponents, the Looney Tunes realized they were short in stature, so they challenged the aliens to a basketball game. The aliens cheated and stole the talent from NBA players. Because of this, the Looney Tunes got Michael Jordan out of retirement to help them.
It was a very popular film at the time and it collected over 200 million dollars at the box office (boxofficemojo.com), and that does not include all of the “Space Jam” merchandise, shoe deals and home video revenue. This film came out over twenty years ago and you can still see “Space Jam” merchandise everywhere. You can still occasionally see the shoes that came from the movie (the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam).
The merchandise sales are still going strong because of the nostalgia that it brings to so many people.
Ryan Coogler and LeBron James saw an opportunity to ride on the coattails of the first film’s success. Previously stated, “Space Jam” is still going strong and they are trying to catch the wave before it crashes. It is a smart business move.
When “Space Jam” was released in 1996, Michael Jordan was without a doubt the best player in the NBA and this is why he was chosen to save the Looney Tunes. It is a major principle of the movie. However, it is debatable on whether LeBron James is the best in the league right now and if he should be in the movie.
You have to consider that LeBron James is getting older and he has not won an MVP award in six years. Whether or not LeBron James is the best in the league is debated constantly, and there are numerous players that are being considered for a part in the movie, not just one person standing alone like in the original “Space Jam.”
When asked about how he feels about the sequel, junior social work major Nathan Gammage said “[It] sounds like a horrible joke, but then you realize it’s not a joke and they’re being serious.” People are not happy with the idea of a sequel to this classic.
There is no doubt that merchandise wise it will be as successful if not more successful than the first “Space Jam.” Consumers now will buy anything with LeBron James’ name on it, but let’s see how successful the movie does.
This movie is a terrible idea. There was nothing wrong with the original, so this is why they want to make the sequel. They want to make the sequel because the first one was so successful, and they realize this is an opportunity to make a lot of money. Lebron James has been living in Michael Jordan’s shadow for some time now.
For the longest time, there was a running joke that Lebron James could never be as good as Michael Jordan because he never saved the Looney Tunes from an alien race. However, Lebron would most likely star in the sequel, so then he could say “I saved the Looney Tunes from an alien race. I am now better than Michael Jordan.” I am certain that this movie is a bad idea. It will just ruin the reputation of the first one.

Author: Beau Kemp

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