Kin: a fatal flop for the sci-fi genre

Kin is a movie created from the minds of Jonathan and Josh Baker, and based off of their 2014 short film titled “Bag Man” ( Both movies are about a young boy who finds a powerful otherworldly weapon, which, by the way, we never learn anything about. However, the weapon is somehow used to save Jimmy’s adoptive brother Eli from a crew of thugs. Before long, the two of them are also pursued by federal agents and mysterious mercenaries aiming to reclaim the weapon (
The acting in this movie was terrific. Eli Solinski is played by Miles Truitt and you wouldn’t know that this was the first time he has ever acted in a movie. He played a boy who had a hard life, and who’s mother died at an early age. For a long time it was just he and his dad living together because his brother Jimmy was in prison. He acquires the mysterious weapon when he goes to an abandoned warehouse to find and take materials that he can then sell for money. While he was there he finds the weapon that he keeps secret. Their father, Hal Solinski, is played by Dennis Quaid, who was great in the movie. He is by far the character with the best morals.
Eli’s and Jimmy’s dad might have been hard on them at times but he taught them many things like the importance of honesty and family. It is evident that both Eli and Jimmy look up to their father because Jimmy tells Eli “be more like Dad and less like me.”
Jack Reynor plays Eli’s brother Jimmy Solinski and did a great job portraying this character. However, I did not like this character because as soon as he gets out of jail he just falls back into his bad ways. He then takes Eli with him and isn’t a very good example for him. It’s like he did not learn from his past mistakes and that is kind of frustrating for the viewers.
The man Eli saves his brother from is named Taylor Balik and is played by James Franco, and I loved his performance in this movie.
Jimmy owes Balik a large sum of money. Balik will do whatever it takes to get the money, including following Jimmy and his brother around the country. While Eli and Jimmy are running away from Balik and his gang they run into a character named Milly played by Zoë Kravitz. She wants a better life for herself and she convinces them to let her go with them. I really liked Milly as a character. I really felt for her and I wanted her to get a better life.
There are parts about the movie I did not like. For instance, we never learn how that weapon works. I did not like the weak weapon subplot, because it did not make any sense.
In the movie we see two people with helmets running to try to find the weapon. At the end of the movie we still don’t understand the value or workings of the weapon. It just seems really random. I feel like they could have put this movie into two separate movies.
Though it has its ups and downs, the movie is not all bad. It aims to teach a valuable lesson about the importance of family.

Author: Jimmy Boutte

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