Tips and tricks to decorate your college dorm room

Freshman year can be scary and exciting all at once.
Making new friends, finding out where all of your classes are, staying on top of your college courses, getting involved in the community and finding a church home are all new things to juggle.
What better way to prepare for the year than to spruce up your living environment?
Decorating and organizing your dorm room will help build your feng shui and ease you into the year ahead. While you’re doing your homework, you want to have a nice and relaxing environment to do so.
Some ways to create a calming atmosphere in a small space are:
•Succulents (on a window sill or desk)
•Wallflowers fragrance plugs
•Posters/wall art
•Standing lamp
•Whiteboard/cork board calendar
Feeling homesick? Here are some remedies:
Make sure to bring reminders of your friends and family to keep them close, even if they aren’t physically present.
•A photo wall mural on a bulletin board
•Photos on the wall with washi tape borders
•Picture frame of family/friends
•Knick-knacks from family and friends, or items reminding you of your town
Dorm rooms are tiny, so when friends or guests come over, the living space becomes even more cramped.
Here are some ways to add more seating:
•Fold up chairs with cute cushions
•Beanbag chairs
•Inflatable chairs
Want to stay organized? There are many thrifty and creative ways to store your belongings in your dorm room.
•Colorful plastic bins to stack on top of each other
•Mason jars for pencils and pens
•Hanging closet organizer (for snacks, larger items or shoes)
In addition, make sure you check your dorm’s guidelines to see what you can and cannot decorate with.
For instance, some living spaces with sheetrock walls require you to use picture hanging nails and thumbtacks instead of command strips.
Talk to your RA if you have any questions regarding what you can use.
Remember, it is important to make your living space as welcoming as possible so you can relax, socialize and study in an appealing environment.
This is now your new home, therefore it is essential to love where you live.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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