Cru Crunch: a freshman’s guide to hidden treats in the area

While campus offers us a good selection of food, sometimes students want to get around to explore area eateries. But because It can be daunting to figure out an area’s dining options when you first arrive at your new school, we have compiled a short list of some of the restaurants here from a huge selection actually available in the area. These restaurants offer a bit of variety in types of food from some of our nearby restaurants and can offer a start in new students’ exploration of enjoyable and delicious food experiences while attending UMHB. To find more available restaurant options, continue to follow the Cru Crunch series or check out your local Yelp.

1. B Town Burgers- A juicy burger joint located at 508 Sparta Rd near Belton High School. This burger joint offers both dine in and drive through options. The food here is well-priced and sure to please many low-budget college students with big appetites. It is rated 4.6 stars on Yelp and 3.5/5 by our own Cru Crunch writer.
2. Dead Fish Grill- This lakeside seafood joint meets all your seafood cravings. Everything from catfish, to Cajun, to pasta all at an affordable price. Make sure to swing by on the weekends for live music and an amazing view. With 4 stars on Google, home-style comfort food is only a 10-minute drive from campus, located at 2207 Lake Road by Belton Lake. Feel free to sit inside to soak up the A/C or sit on the patio and enjoy the nice lake breeze.
3 Schoepf’s Bar-B-Que- This classic barbeque restaurant features customizable dining options. It is rated 3 stars on Yelp and 4.3 stars on Google. There is plenty of room for large groups and it also offers carry out options. It is located at 702 Central Avenue and is open seven days a week.
4. The Gin- Open daily for lunch and dinner, this steakhouse is set in a 1920’s building with a menu filled with delicious Texas-style meals. With sandwiches, burgers, chicken and tacos, you can’t go wrong when ordering from The Gin. Conveniently located at 219 S East Street beside Nolan Creek, foodies can enjoy a variety of good food in the center of town. This Gin is just a short 4-minute drive from the heart of campus. It is rated with 4.2 stars on Google and 3.5 on Yelp.
5. Sweet Confections- Located at 2449 N Main St., this little café has sweets and sandwiches galore. Although they specialize in homemade desserts, the sandwiches are also a yummy treat. This is a sweet stop for those looking for a quick sweet tooth fix and it is conveniently close to campus. It has a 4-star rating on Yelp and a 3.2/5 by our own Cru Crunch writer.
6. Jersey Mikes- Located off of Main street in the Walmart shopping center and across from Taco Bell, Jersey Mikes is a delicious sub shop that’s fast and takes Cru cash.
7. JNeely’s Burrito Bar- Want Mexican food but don’t want to go to a formal restaurant? Then the Burrito Bar is the place for you. Here you can build your own tacos, burritos, bowls or quesadillas or munch on delicious appetizers like queso tots, fries or taquitos. Located at 127 Lake Road, JNeely’s is the place to go to chill out with some friends and eat some affordable Mexican food. It has 3.9 stars on Google and 3.4 stars on Yelp.
8. Coronas De Oro- This Mexican restaurant is located in the same plaza as the Gin. Many forget it is there because it sits in the Gin’s shadow, but don’t let that fool you. It has many diverse and delicious dishes. A perk of its location is that after you eat, you can get frozen yogurt across the plaza to cool down from the spice. It is rated 4 stars on Google and its address is 219 S East St.
9. Luigi’s- This Italian restaurant is located on 2805 TX-121 Loop and is highly recommended by both students and local Beltonians. Students can buy savory pasta dishes or a big plate of lasagna. You get a lot of food for what you pay. It is rated 4.1 stars on Google.
10. Popeyes- There are many fast food restaurants in Belton but many forget we have this fast food restaurant because it is hidden on the other side of I-35. Don’t forget about this restaurant, because it has good meals at a cheap price. It’s quick, easy and affordable for college students.

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