Dos and don’ts of vacationing

Photo by Jasmin Ortiz

The DO’S and DON’TS of vacationing


When vacationing, it is easy to slip into traveler-tourist mode. You know the one, where as soon as you get to your destination, all manners seem to fly out the window and your persona is someone completely different? It’s as if your body goes into “vacation mode.” But as Christians, it’s important that we lead by example everywhere we go, even on vacation. So,  following are some suggestive Do’s and Don’ts of vacationing.


Don’t stay in the hotel room

Don’t get stuck in a rut and stay in the room the whole trip, make sure to get out. No one likes a trip stuck in the hotel room, especially when there’s so much out there to explore. So, make the best of the vacation by getting out and seeing as much as you can. Not sure where to start? Check with local hotels for brochures or ask a hotel attendant where the best places to go are.

Don’t become a tourist-zilla

When on vacation, it’s hard when things don’t go either the way you expected or how you planned for them to go. It’s important to not take these things out on the people who have no control over such situations. Hotel taking a little longer to get your room ready? Take a walk through the neighborhood or look for a good place to eat. Museum cost more than the online price? Ask if there isy have a student discount, or ask a local person what other fun activities there are to do. Remember that the experience you have is solely based on you and your reactions, so have a good trip.

Don’t litter

Don’t forget that there are people who still live in the places that you’re vacationing. When visiting beaches especially, it is important to remember that leaving behind trash and other things makes you a messy and unappreciative guest. Pick up after yourself, and make sure the group you’re with does as well. This can impact not only you, but the local people and wildlife.


Do be a good guest

Remember to clean up after yourself in all situations, and be as courteous as you can. Just because you won’t have to deal with the consequences after a trip, many people will have to after you. Tip your servers, clean up after yourself, and be courteous to everyone around you.

Do explore the city and broaden your horizons

Make sure to explore new things while out in a new city. When visiting somewhere new, try just one new experience that would be memorable and entertaining for you and your group. By doing this, not only will you make a memory, but also, you’ll break out of your comfort zone. By enjoying new things in new places, you’ll later be able to continue broadening your horizons.

Do remember that there are people living in the vacation hot spot

When traveling abroad especially, it is easy to forget that many people live in the destinations that we travel to. Crude jokes about the culture or terrain is unnecessary and leaves a bad impression of Cchristian’s onto the locals. When traveling, instead of being a “clueless Aamerican,” learn about the culture and embrace the people and language. Maybe even learn a couple of key phrases to get yourself around.


The Do’s and Don’ts listed here are some key ways to continue to exhibit Christ even while on vacation. Have fun trips this summer!, Bon voyage!




Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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