Ready Player One: A critical film review by a true film buff

Disclaimer: this review is coming from a film nerd who has not read the book this film was adapted from.
That being said, I walked into the showing of this movie with only a moderate level of anticipation.
The trailers enticed me to a point, but I was not dying to see the movie. The most exciting aspect was that Steven Spielberg was the director.
The plot revolves around a young man living in the year 2045, where the real world is reduced to slums and extreme poverty.
However, an escape from this dreadful future exists in the form of a free, virtual reality game called the Oasis, and nearly everyone plays it daily.
Wade Watts, the protagonist, goes on a journey in the game to find an Easter egg hidden by the inventor of the game.
The Easter egg promises a large sum of money and complete control of the Oasis.
A villainous company, wanting to monopolize the game world, is trying to reach the egg first.
This movie is a roller-coaster. There is a wonderfully fast-paced flow to the film, with only one scene bogging down that pacing.
Back-to-back, exciting sequences are filled with breathtaking visuals, which really come as a surprise, given that the majority of the film is completely CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).
With CGI however, no angle is out of the question. As a result, certain chase sequences provide such a high level of immersion and intensity that it almost seems like virtual reality, sitting in the theater.
Some character development is sacrificed to advance the plot, but all of the lead characters have a natural charisma to them, both in reality and in the Oasis, where they can choose their own customizable avatar.
The humor hits the mark most of time, and the action is spot on every time. It ranges from being close-quarter firefights to explosive duels at a colossal size.
All the while, 80’s rock anthems blare in the background, so the music elevates everything to another level of energy.
With the film switching between a completely CGI world and the physical world constantly, my fear is that it would be too jarring.
That is not the case with Ready Player One.
Spielberg, the director, brilliantly starts off the movie with very infrequent cuts between both
realities, and increases them as the film progresses. This gets the viewer adjusted to the transitions, and by the time the climax is switching between realities at a seconds pace, the experience is not confusing and muddled to the audience.
certain plot points made it seem a bit too convenient and easy for the characters.
However, the awesome concept of the story is something that easily drowns out a lot of missteps in the storyline.
The film would be better if it had more character development. Despite this and the overly conveniant solutions, the concept of the story keeps the mind turning and imagining the entire time.
It really is a beautiful film, filled to the brim with well-crafted action, humor, acting and even nostalgic video game references.
If you want to see this movie, you will not be wasting your money on a ticket.

Author: Peter Zuniga

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