Circle K teams up with Threads of Hope

Circle K International is an organization on campus that engages with the community through various service projects.
A unique aspect of this club is that it is run entirely by the student body.
Shelby Rogers, a senior psychology major, is the Vice President of Circle K.
“Circle K is an international volunteer organization. We aim to serve anyone from our community to our world,” Rogers said.
Sophomore education major Naomi Michaelson and sophomore Christian studies major Jordyn Brinkman are both members of this club.
“We are the college version of Key Club, which is a service organization for high school students,” Brinkman said. “Above us is Kiwanis Club, which is for adults. We do a lot of fun service projects like bake sales and volunteering at animal shelters.”
“This is really cool for us because we have a lot of opportunities to get together with clubs from Baylor, Hardin Simmons, MCC and others,” Michaelson said.
One project that Circle K puts on every year is selling bracelets and lanyards that are hand crafted by women and children from the Philippines through Threads of Hope.
Circle K sponsors Threads of Hope, which is an organization that supports those who are living in the Philippines by promoting these accessories.
Throughout the month of February, Circle K set up a table in Bawcom Student Union to sell these items to students.
Rogers described the significance of these bracelets and lanyards in more detail.
“Threads of Hope is an organization that provides a wholesome way for women and children in the Philippines to make an income for their families,” Rogers said.
“This allows them to not have to resort to other methods such as child labor or prostitution to make this income which is common in the Philippines.”
These accessories ranged from $2 to $4, and half of the proceeds went back to the Filipino families who made these bracelets and lanyards.
The other half of the sale went to Circle K International for event funding.
Circle K is a great way to get involved in helping the community.
“My favorite part of Circle K has been getting to know others while we serve together,” Michaelson said. “Circle K provides us with so many service opportunities where we’re able to work hard, but also have a super fun time.”
“People can get involved by coming to our meetings on Thursday nights at 7:30 in Bawcom Conference Room 1,” Rogers said.
If you are interested in joining this organization, they are always looking for more members.

Left to right: Naomi Michaelson, a sophomore education major, and Jordyn Brinkman, a sophomore Christian studies major, sell bracelets and lanyards inside of Bawcom Student Union. Half of the proceeds go back to those who made the items and the other half benefits Circle K, the organization sponsoring Threads of Hope. Photo by Sarah Ifft/ The Bells

Author: Sarah Ifft

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