The Bachelor: Who will make it to the ring?

Our American reality drama show, The Bachelor, cast Arie Luyendyk Jr. as this season’s 22nd blue-eyed heart throb. Luyendyk was previously on the Bachelorette in 2012 and was sent home by bachelorette Emily Maynard. This season, Luyendyk has taken the woman on lavish dates from LA to Florence, Italy. Now, we have just finished hometowns and soon approaching the proposal.
We have three women left- Lauren Burnham, Becca Kurfin, and Kendall Long. The big question is: Which of the favorites will make it to the proposal?
Lauren Burnham is a 25-year-old tech salesperson from Virginia Beach, VA. She is very quiet and protective of her trust in others but seems to have won Arie over. She has mostly stayed out of the drama with other contestants but wasn’t afraid to open a bottle of champagne when Krystal, this season’s villain, was sent home.
Becca Kurfin is 27 years old and a publicist from Prior Lake, MN. Becca was picked for the first one-on-one date and was pampered with designer clothes and jewelry. She was also on a one-on-one recently in Tuscany.
Kendall Long, my personal favorite, is 26-years-old and a creative director from Santa Clarita, CA. People more commonly know her as the taxidermy girl with very thoughtful responses and a quirky personality. Even amongst her two-on-one date which included Krystal, Kendall was able to find the high road and come from a place of reflection and empathy. Her relationship has lasted until now even though she hadn’t received any one-on-one dates before hometowns.
While I love Kendall Long, my personal prediction for the final two are Lauren Burnham and Becca Kurfin. Before Bachelor Nation fans across UMHB drop this paper mid article, let’s look at what Arie has said.
During Arie’s most recent one-on-one with Lauren Burnham he said, “I want it so bad for us and I can’t explain why.” He admitted later, “Gah! I just want to grab her and tell her I love her.” This was something he hasn’t admitted about any other of the contestants. Also during this date he got up and walked away after she admitted that she was falling for him. Some theories from fans include, he was too overcome from emotion, or he just had to relieve himself, but more popularly, that he walked away to ask if he could admit he loves her but was advised against it.
However, Arie has steadily grown with Becca. He has constantly said that he has great chemistry with her and each date they have you can practically see their growth. On their first date Arie gave Becca multiple Rachel Zoe designer dresses and Louis Vuitton heels. He admitted in an ET interview that he saw Becca needed spoiling. On their date in Tuscany they both admitted that they could see a future together and he was looking forward to meeting Becca’s family.
After hometowns Kendall’s family seemed the least on board with her relationship with Arie. It seemed that almost all of her family was against the relationship but agreed only on the premise that they trusted Kendall. In addition, Kendall is not currently ready to be engaged- something both Becca and Lauren are ready for. It seems Arie is aware of her hesitation but I think
it is ultimately her downfall.

Author: Riley Rogers

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