Presidential debate at SGA: Voting opens soon

There is a vote coming up this week for SGA president.
If there is one organization on campus that truly encompasses the entire student body, it would be the Student Government Association, (SGA).
SGA is the mediator between the student body and administrators.
They are the ones who listen to student concerns and voice those concerns to the administration.
SGA is also in charge of chartering new organizations.
SGA consists of 35 members, including class representatives, student body representatives, and delegates for commuters, military, international and student athletes.
SGA has had a big impact on campus.
If you have ever received an ‘A’ with a 90.02 percent SGA is to thank for that.
A few years ago, the grading scale was skewed so that an ‘A’ was 91-100 percent.
SGA became an advocate for students and their GPAs by passing a resolution that changed the grading scale so that a 90-100 percent was considered an ‘A’.
SGA was also in charge of raising the amount of printer points from 10 dollars to 15 dollars last year.
As well as advocating for more lighting in the Quad and around residential areas to improve student safety.
Junior double major in Political Science with an emphasis in Pre-Law and Speech Communication, Tyler Baker, is the current Student Body Vice-President “My favorite part of SGA is being able to serve the student body and be a voice for my peers. I have always wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and SGA provides a way for me to do that,” Baker said.
Student Government Association meetings are held every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. in the Fowler Board Room.
Meetings are open to the public, so if you want to see what SGA is advocating for you, feel free to visit one of the meetings.
On Monday Feb. 19, SGA held a debate between the two candidates who are running for the student body president.
In the meeting, the two candidates, Tyler Baker and Daniel Martinez, answered questions about policies and values they would strive for if they were voted as president.
Students will be able to vote for the next student body president starting on Wednesday Feb. 21 through Friday Feb. 23.
Students can watch the live stream of the debate from the SGA’s facebook page.

Author: Katrina Wordell

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