Cru Crunch: Fire Street Pizza

Fire Street Pizza has a true rags-to-riches history when the food truck became a restaurant. Located just outside of Belton, its new location is a sight to behold. Located at 10310 FM 439, the restaurant is open Thursday through Sunday, Thursdays and Fridays 5-9pm, Saturday 11-9pm, and Sunday 11-3pm or until they run out of pizza. Lit up with lights and games galore, the prior outdoor-only style seating has not lost its quaint charm.
Accompanying the unique lighting and punk/country chic mixed atmosphere, the pizza is definitely worth the drive off campus.
Deliciously cheesy, it’s almost comical how the great pizza looks and tastes. The crust is thin, with the best qualities of thick crust. Not at all greasy, the herbs and spices they pack into the crust make for an addictive new favorite. All of the ingredients taste not only fresh, but intoxicatingly homemade, in the best of fashions.
Differing from chain pizzerias, this place is definitely a spot to check out. A pizza order to try would be the Brooklyn, a take on the classic pepperoni and sausage, however made deliciously fresh and piled high with ingredients.
Whole pizza’s range from $11 to $18, and can be split between two people. Extra toppings are offered, and make for a personally created delicious meal.
The atmosphere here is both family friendly mixed with hipness. Blaring alternative music mixed with classic rock, posters for Led Zeppelin and Ringo Starr could be spotted on many of the walls. Upbeat and friendly service came with each, and the prices were hard to beat. This place is definitely a spot to check out, and worth a 4.5/5 rating from this Cru Critic.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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