Cru Love: UMHB’s Vice President – alumni turned love story

Dr. Steve and Grace Theodore dancing at their son’s wedding in 2011 in Austin, Texas.

When asked what he loved most about his wife, Dr. Steve Theodore, Vice President of the university, had many endearing words: “Grace’s commitment to Christ….she’s dedicated to serving our family and others…. she is practical and not materialistic.”
Steve and his wife Grace Theodore are both alumni of UMHB, and together, create a beautiful type of love.
In the spring of 1985, Dr. Theodore helped start Young Life in Belton.
Working as the Belton Leader for Young Life, Dr.Theodore received help from the Temple leader and his assistant for music- Grace.
“Steve doesn’t remember meeting me,” laughed Grace, remembering their first encounter.
“We initially met at a Young Life meeting in Belton. Along with others, Steve was helping start Young Life in Belton and I was helping with the music. We met again in the summer of ‘86 at Immanuel Baptist in Temple where Steve was interning for Dr. Byron Weathersbee, the youth minister.”
“Byron asked Grace to help with a kids’ camp in the gym,” said Steve. “I was helping lead the camp. When Grace worked with me at the Immanuel Baptist kids’ camp, she was a sophomore at Baylor.”
After dating for a year and growing together as a couple, Grace made the bold decision to transfer to UMHB.
“I decided to transfer to UMHB to pursue my education degree and be closer to Steve,” admitted Grace. “We had a lot of fun with Steve’s friends on campus.”
The couple continued to grow and fall in love, but after 2 and a half years, called it quits.
“I grew in love with Steve throughout our 2 1/2 years of dating,” Grace said.
“During a brief break up, I realized I didn’t want to live without him.”
When asked what she loved most about her husband, Grace had much to say: “His love for and interaction with our kids, integrity, commitment to our marriage, [his] fun-loving [nature] and good sense of humor.“
“There wasn’t a singular moment,” Steve said when asked when he knew he loved his wife. “We grew together over time. We have learned that marriage is a give-and-take relationship and we’ve learned to compromise. It’s important to find middle ground on issues like money management and parenting styles,” Steve said. “Having a marriage based on Christian principles has given us a strong foundation for all aspects of marriage.”
Having been married for many years now, the pair have grown as both leaders in their community as well as with their family.
“We raised our children, Lauren and Luke, in a loving, Christian home,” Grace said. “And me, I taught elementary and preschool children for 21 years. “
With the upcoming Valentine’s Day 2018 quickly approaching, former Crusaders as well as new will be reminiscing of their own loves.
These Crusaders celebrate a unique love, founded and intertwined with UMHB.

Author: Jasmin Ortiz

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