Apostolic Cru: a new ministry on campus

Apostolic Cru is the latest addition to the list of two new campus ministry orgs – Cru Catholics and the Baptist Student Ministry.
Apostolic Cru was approved the fall semester of 2017.
Students gather to learn more about Jesus and have fellowship every Thursday, in Davidson 204.
The meetings alternate between fun night and spiritual night.
“Lauren and I have known each other for many years now, and ever since we’ve been at this school, we’ve just had that kind of burning desire to be able to touch other people like us,” Vice President Raquel Rivera, a senior management major, said.
“We’re Apostolic Pentecostal, and there are others like us here on campus, so this is the place where they can connect with us, they can have that support system, and so that’s what we’re here for.”
Rivera explains that their goal as an organization is to reach as many students as possible.
“Our goal is to connect [with students] because we all love Jesus, that’s our main goal in life… reach those who don’t know.”
President Lauren Lum, a senior accounting major, has wanted to start the organization for some time.
“Back in high school, I started a Bible study called “Project 7” during my senior year with my sister, and then when I got here, I wanted to do something similar,” Lum said.
“I wanted to start it way back in freshman year, but we went through some difficulties getting paperwork together, and we finally got approved as a campus ministry by the university this past fall.”
Apostolic Cru has many events planned, including a Valentine’s Day bake sale and guest speakers.
“We are planning a fundraiser for Feb. 13, and we will be selling Valentine’s Day treats. We will be selling Rice Krispy Treats, and then we are also selling cups of love, which will basically be like cups of chocolate candy, and they’re decorated for Valentine’s Day,” Lum said.
“Next Thursday, February 8th, we will be having a minister from a church in Copperas Cove come speak, and then the Thursday after that, that’ll be the Thursday after Valentine’s Day, we will be doing an event called PB & Jesus. We will have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and hang out, and probably play some games.”
“God has given me a passion and a burden for young adult ministry,” Lum said.
“I’ve seen people leave the church during their college/single years because they didn’t have a group of people their own age supporting them. That is my goal for Apostolic Cru. College is a transition period, and having a group of people to learn more about Christ with is just amazing. I want to spread my light to those who are hungering for Jesus.”
You can learn more about Apostolic Cru by checking out their Instagram page –@Apostolic.Cru.

Author: Sarah Ifft

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